How the CI/CD Process Improves Automation, Testing and Security for DevOps

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) is a game-changer for Salesforce development. To get the most out of your CI/CD process, turn to Copado, the #1 native DevOps platform for Salesforce.

Copado’s solutions deliver value by leveraging three foundational DevOps practices: automation, testing and security. With those three in place, you advance your development, increase quality and deliver a better user experience.

“Process is what makes Copado powerful.”


Director of DevOps at Optima Tax Relief

Copado helped Optima Tax Relief achieve 1,100% faster Salesforce deployments with 75% fewer errors upstream

quality pipelines


CI/CD automation allows you to integrate changes so multiple developers can work simultaneously and commit changes to the main branch as soon as they’re ready. Here’s how you can achieve robust pipeline automation with Copado: 

  • Gain full pipeline visibility for better decision-making.
  • Create Salesforce pipelines and extend them to other cloud applications with our system-agnostic platform.
  • Automate merges and sync data across environments.
  • Allow developers to focus on high-value, innovative tasks.
  • Cut deployment time from months to weeks — or less!
Cloud Testing


Testing every line of code sounds tedious, but it’s something you can build into the CI/CD pipeline and automate. Copado enhances the testing process for Salesforce — and beyond — by offering an easy-to-learn option for end-to-end testing. With Copado, you can:

  • Reduce production failures by 78%.
  • Enjoy low-code testing options to support the Salesforce environment.
  • Leverage self-healing capabilities so tests can quickly adapt to platform changes. 
  • Eliminate CI/CD bottlenecks for 20X faster releases.
  • Use advanced analytics to review your testing infrastructure and drive improvements.


Make the jump from DevOps to DevSecOps. Configure CI/CD pipelines for security and compliance. With templates and automated testing, you can protect sensitive data and safeguard your organization. Here are just a few ways Copado delivers more secure Salesforce development: 

  • Comply with security best practices and regulations with Copado’s Compliance Hub.
  • Build natively on Salesforce’s secure platform architecture.
  • Minimize human error and improper configurations through automated solutions.
  • Use quality gates and Copado Robotic Testing to catch problems earlier and minimize their impact.
  • Continuously learn and improve the pipeline.
Copado is a leader in DevOps Platforms on G2

Amplify your DevOps ROI with Copado 

As a six-time G2 Crowd leader in the CI/CD space, Copado is at the forefront of Salesforce CI/CD and digital transformation. Customers working with us have seen major productivity gains and reported a 307% ROI overall. 

Our enterprise solution is a low-code, quality-driven DevOps Platform for CI/CD processes, testing, security and more, servicing some of the world’s largest and best-known brands. When used in conjunction with the Salesforce Platform, you can enjoy an industry-leading DevOps experience that is collaborative, scalable and secure.

Copado improves enterprise DevOps and CI/CD processes with solutions that manage the whole Salesforce development lifecycle.