Your Roadmap to Rapid Delivery

It’s time to get more out of your Salesforce investment—unlock more ROI with Copado Executive Salesforce ROI Program.

Executive Salesforce ROI Program

Without a rapid delivery model for Salesforce, you could be leaving millions on the table each year. 17% of elite Salesforce DevOps performers report an ROI of over $5M. But how do you build an elite Salesforce DevOps program?

The Copado Executive Salesforce ROI Program is designed to pinpoint your specific value gaps and opportunities for decreasing time to value. The program offers three tailored options for defining your roadmap to rapid delivery—and ROI.


Executive Workshop

The Executive Salesforce ROI Workshop is designed for the CIO and Head of Salesforce. Tailored to your business needs, the workshop agenda is customized to address the gaps and opportunities uncovered in the Copado DevOps Assessment. You’ll walk away with an action plan for reducing time to value, increasing ROI and communicating Salesforce value to the business.

Example Agenda

  • 5 min: Introductions
  • 15 min: Recap of your Salesforce Goals
  • 15 min: Benchmark Assessment Review
  • 30 min: Key Areas for Improvement
  • 30min: Cost / Benefit Analysis 
  • 15 min: Executive Q&A

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COE Workshop

Designed for Release Managers, Salesforce Delivery Managers and Architects, the Executive Salesforce ROI Roadmap is tailored to your business needs. Our DevOps Architects evaluate the results of your DevOps performance assessment and create a custom action plan. Participate in an executive Q&A to better understand your opportunities for increasing Salesforce ROI.

Example Agenda

  • 5 min: Introductions
  • 15 min: Benchmark Assessment Review
  • 15 min: Key Areas for Improvement
  • 15 min: Executive Q&A

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Close The Go-Live Gap

Tailored Salesforce delivery assessments help companies build and deploy Salesforce faster — accelerating time to value.







Workshop Moderator

Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis


Andrew Davis is a Salesforce DevOps specialist with a passion for helping teams deliver innovation, build trust, and improve their performance. Since 2014, he’s focused on the Salesforce platform as a developer, consultant, and architect. In 2019, he released his book Mastering Salesforce DevOps, and as Senior Director of Product Marketing for Copado, works to help people understand the importance of DevOps for scaling Salesforce implementations.

Tailored to Your Business Needs and Challenges

Before every workshop, we uncover your mission critical challenges and assess your DevOps maturity to ensure our recommendations address your specific needs.

  • 30-minute intro call with your Salesforce program lead and our DevOps Architects
  • 15 min to complete DevOps assessment
  • 2 hours of attendee time to review key insights and opportunities from the assessment

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