Unleash ROI with
Value-driven Planning

Net Value of Salesforce
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Prioritize work based on business value

Track the value of features and plan sprints based on what will have the biggest impact.

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Optimize the entire delivery process

Future-proof processes as you scale with interactive insights across your value stream.

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Integrate ALM & DevOps

End-to-end visibility when user story changes automatically update JIRA, Azure and more.

Learn how Linde added $5.1M in annual ROI with a value-driven approach to DevOps.

User Story Management

Foster collaboration with all user story details in a centralized location, and increase visibility as you track user stories through the full software development lifecycle.

    Product Screenshot - Value Based Planning
    Product Screenshot - Value Based Planning

    Features & Applications

    Organize user stories into Features and Applications for focused development and value-driven prioritization.

      Integrate with ALM Tools

      Connect your entire DevOps toolset with our out-of-the-box Jira and Azure DevOps integrations or configure a connection with Salesforce Flows.

        Integration with ALM Tools - Copado DevOps
        Value Stream Maps - Salesforce DevOps

        Value Stream Maps

        Visualize your team’s delivery process, identify bottlenecks, and gather metrics and insights on time, quality, and more.

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