SPRING ’22 release

The Only Quality-Driven, Low-Code
DevOps Platform for the Clouds

Copado empowers all teams to collaborate across multi-cloud pipelines.

Low-Code Teams Face the Same Challenges
as Traditional Coders

As teams struggle, businesses delay innovation.

Defects in Prod

Defects in Prod

Not enough resources and inefficient testing processes lead to show-stopping defects, frequent outages and long time to restore.

Complex Delivery

Complex Delivery Process

Too many manual tasks in the CI/CD
delivery process creates a high cost to build
and delays time to market.

Complex Delivery

Inflexible Platform

Development is happening in silos with limited visibility into changes as they progress to production.

Empower Business, Low-Code and Technical Teams
to Innovate and Deliver Across Cloud Apps

Copado Multi-Cloud DevOps and Testing

Orchestrate every aspect of the software development process with speed and quality to delivery new customer experiences.

quality pipelines

Quality-Driven Pipelines

  • Resilient Salesforce Testing 
  • Native CI/CD Integration
  • Data-Driven Testing
low-code devOps

Low-Code Orchestration

  • Copado DevOps Actions
  • Job Templates & Orchestration
  • Packaging Pipelines 
  • Salesforce DX on New Architecture
  • Copado Version Control GA

Extensible Multi-cloud

  • Functions 2.0
  • Copado SDK for Partners
  • Accenture Marketing Cloud
Robotic Testing for the Cloud

Reduce Defects with Quality-Driven Pipelines for Salesforce and Beyond

Remove silos between teams embedding testing into DevOps to ensure both speed and quality of releases.

Copado Low-Code
DevOps Platform

Copado Actions Defines the Standard DevOps building blocks required for Any Platform.

Automated DevOps for the Cloud

Create Your Own Copado Solution

Everything you need out-of-the-box.

Copado Templates Icon

Copado Job Templates

  • Multi-step Template
    (Salesforce Flows: Low-Code
    Copado Functions: Pro-Code)
  • Persistent File Storage


Copado Actions Icon

Copado Actions

  • Pre-packaged, Admin
    Friendly Building Blocks
  • Invocable via Salesforce Flows,
    Rest API, Apex Code
Copado Functions Icon

Copado Functions

  • Troubleshoot with Logs
  • Scalable and Server-less Scripting
  • Supports Long Running Jobs
  • Included in User Stories
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