WINTER ’21 release

Copado Power. Low-code Flexibility.

Unlock new DevOps possibilities with the Copado DevOps Value Stream Platform.

Winter ’21: Salesforce DevOps Just Got Faster

Unleashing the value of your digital transformation.

  • Low-code Pipeline Builders
  • Value-based planning & SAFe support
  • Better quality faster with AI Testing
  • Interactive insights in both DevOps Analytics & Value Stream Maps
  • Security and compliance with Copado Public Cloud

Continuous Stream of Value From Your Cloud To The Business

Shift Left Strategy with Copado DevOps
Product Screenshot - Salesforce Flow

Continuous Delivery 2.0: Pipeline Builders

The all-new Copado Pipeline Builders unlock new possibilities with click-based integrations that connect your entire DevOps toolset. 

  • Salesforce Flows for DevOps integrations
  • Reusable automation templates 
  • Automated connection behaviors

Achieve Measurable Performance Gains

Such as:


Higher feature adoption







Product Screenshot - Value Based Planning

Value-Driven Planning

Align development to corporate strategy with agile planning records and easy-to-configure value stream maps.

  • Prioritize projects using any OKR 
  • Prioritize features by value and impact
  • Group stories by application and feature
  • Align Salesforce DevOps to SAFe methodology
  • Sync stories with Jira and Azure Boards

Interactive Insights

Get deeper insights, unblock bottlenecks and drive process improvements with DevOps 360 Analytics and Value Stream Maps.

  • Collaborative Value Stream Maps
  • Drill into Value Stream Map Data
  • New Analytics
DevOps 360 Planning Dashboards
DevOps 360 Planning Dashboards

Copado Public Cloud

Extend the security and compliance of Salesforce with Copado Public Cloud. 

  • Native Salesforce
  • CopaGCP
  • Copado GovCloud

Unlock More ROI with the Salesforce DevOps Value Stream Management Platform

Net Value of Salesforce

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Winter '21 Release Webinars

Access our webinar library to learn about all of the new features in Copado Winter ’21 Release, including Pipeline Builder, Value-Driven Planning, Interactive DevOps 360 Insights, and more!