Salesforce Test Automation:
Provar vs. Copado Robotic Testing

What’s the Best Way to Automate Salesforce Testing?

See why Copado Robotic Testing is the fastest & safest solution in the Salesforce ecosystem. Cloud-based. Low-code. Unbreakable AI.

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Provar is hard for non-coders to maintain. Copado Robotic Testing is much easier. It’s truly codeless.
Manju Janarthanan
Manju Janarthanan
Automation Tester and Quality Manager at Propic

Why Is Copado Robotic Testing Better than Provar?

Today’s digital transformations

Provar is a capable on-premise testing tool if your team has plenty of technical expertise (aka Python and Java). There’s only one problem: Today’s largest digital transformations are powered by multi-cloud platforms and non-technical professionals.

Low-code or no-code platforms future

By 2025, Gartner predicts that 70% of new enterprise apps will be developed via low-code or no-code platforms like Salesforce.

Automate everything with Copado!

Teams don’t have time for tedious maintenance or a steep learning curve — and that’s where Copado’s Robot Framework has a huge advantage. Automate everything with Copado Robotic Testing!

What Are the Benefits of Robotic Testing for Salesforce?

More Coverage
Less Maintenance

Why choose Copado Robotic Testing
for Salesforce DevOps?

Cloud-Based ( Robot Gramework)
Client Server-Based (On Premise)
Set Up Time
Often Days or Weeks
Yes (low-Code / No-Code)
No (Requires Java/Python Background)
Native Integration
Third Party Integration
Test Authoring Capabilities
Live Recorder, Flow Editor, UI Testing, Advanced Editor
Test Builder
Parallel Execution
Cloneable Robots
Requires Selenium Grid
Test Maintenance
Self-Healing AI
Manual ( VIA Metadata API)
Platform-Agnostic (Any Web App, On-Prem angMobile
Only Salesforce Testing
The nice thing about Copado Robotic Testing is you don’t have to write it. Copado simplifies the process with low-code functionality— making it much easier to get people up and running
QA Manager
QA Manager
Brunswick’s OneASG

What Makes Copado Robotic Testing Different?

Copado is the only natively integrated CI/CD and testing solution for Salesforce and Multi-Cloud platforms. What does this mean? One solution for all. Each test is directly connected to the end-to-end delivery process to help Salesforce teams ramp up innovation without ramping up the risk.


Teams that use Provar have to maintain and upkeep their hardware on a regular basis. But since Copado Robotic Testing is based in the cloud, configuration is a cinch and there’s no need to purchase additional infrastructure (hardware, VMs, Selenium grids). BONUS: You can scale your solution in minutes via easy-to-clone robots.


If you know how to use Salesforce, you already know how to use Copado Robotic Testing. Our admin-friendly solution makes it easy to keep your delivery team on the same page and guarantee high-quality development. Low-code admins can build tests in minutes through the Visual Recorder and Flow Editor. Plus, technical users can harness the power of pro-code extensibility to create custom QWords and integrate with any other application.


Leverage the only multi-cloud test automation solution on the market across end-to-end business processes, front and back-end systems and beyond. Testing Salesforce is just the tip of the spear — and Copado Robotic Testing is engineered to test SAP, ServiceNow, Workday, Oracle and any other enterprise software platform

Self-Healing AI

Say goodbye to manual deployments and broken test cases every time Salesforce rolls out an update. We future-proof test maintenance and provide peace of mind through AI-powered self-healing.

Are you ready to transform your software development process?