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End-to-end Testing for Quality ServiceNow Workflows

Get smart, user-friendly test automation for the clouds.

ServiceNow Workflows are Critical to Digital Experiences

Behind every ServiceNow workflow is a series of activities that span different applications and systems. Change happens constantly whether it’s through ServiceNow upgrades or agile deployments. As ServiceNow aims to deliver the Next Experience, how are you ensuring Continuous Quality?

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Helping deliver your next ServiceNow experience with a low-code approach
to easily test your integrations and customizations.

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The nice thing about Copado Robotic Testing is you don’t have to write it. Copado simplifies the process with low-code functionality— making it much easier to get people up and running.

Laura LaRocca

QA Manager, Brunswick’s OneASG


Here’s how we enable your team to deliver quality
ServiceNow experiences.

Instant ramp-up time

  • We enable you to leverage the best technology so you can test anywhere, anything (even mobile!) at any time.
  • Our cloud-based, platform-agnostic, solution will scale your digital workflow needs with cloneable robots without any heavy infrastructure.

Get started in minutes

  • We translate all the technical aspects of testing and we turn that into a natural language and that’s why it’s easy for people to get started.
  • With our Visual Recorder, Flow Editor, and keyword-driven approach, anyone is able to standardize on the solution and have complete transparency with testing.

Developer friendly

  • With CI/CD integration available, plug Robotic Testing into any CI/CD pipeline.
  • Reinforce best practices in software development by integrating with major version control systems
  • Designed on open APIs to facilitate quicker integrations with other tools

One solution to support different teams

  • Test ServiceNow workflow that spans different applications and systems through the UI or API level to deliver the best end-user experience.
  • Ensure integrations are working as they should to avoid disruption to workflows

Increase productivity

  • Create future-proof tests, if there are any changes, use self-healing capabilities to reduce maintenance efforts
  • Built-in editor with intelligent test development capabilities like test step prediction, test case analysis, and IntelliSense

Are you ready to make your world of workflows work better?