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2022 State of Salesforce Testing

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#1 Devops & Testing for the Cloud

State of Salesforce Testing

How Elite Teams Test Salesforce to Drive ROl

2022 Edition

Discover the testing habits of cloud teams across the globe. (Spoiler alert: teams with test automation deploy 50% faster)

Easily build, test, and deploy your Salesforce apps

For small, scrappy development teams, combining CI/CD and automated testing is the best way to accelerate feature delivery on the Salesforce platform

Integrate automated testing with Essentials CI/CD
Quickly build your test suite into your CI/CD pipeline
Increase ROI of Salesforce with fast, high quality releases
#1 Devops & Testing for the Cloud

CRT Essentials Datasheet

Easly build, test and deploy your Salesforce app

2022 Edition

For scrappy development teams, combining CI/CD  and automated testing in the best way to accelerate feature delivery on the  Salesforce platform

Designed for Salesforce.
A low-code approach to easily build, test, and deploy.

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  • Copado Robotic Testing Essentials is the ideal solution for small teams to quickly and easily deploy high-quality changes in Salesforce.
  • Integrate testing and CI/CDDeliver higher quality releases with automated testing integrated into your release pipeline
  • Low-code test creation with test recorder or visual test-flow editor. Point and click to create no-code tests, adaptable for various skill levels.
  • Automated testing built for SalesforceIncludes Copado’s exclusive Qforce keyword library to test Salesforce-specific features, like modals and picklists
  • Complete audit trail of test scripts and test runsSave test scripts to your Git repository and view video recording of test runs.
  • Kiss brittle test scripts and manual maintenance goodbye. AI-powered self-healing capabilities help you build unbreakable scripts and understand the current state of your tests.
  • Affordable next-gen automated testingNow even small scrappy teams can deliver quality releases, faster

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