Why Salesforce DevOps?

As your business moves faster, you must increase your quality and security to compete in today’s marketplace.


Salesforce DevOps is Paying Off

17% of respondents from the most recent State of Salesforce Survey claimed over $5M+ in ROI benefits and over half of respondents claimed over $1M ROI from Salesforce DevOps.  

State of Salesforce DevOps Report 2019

A modern DevOps strategy ensures
quality and velocity

No matter your industry, get on the fastest path to Salesforce continuous innovation.

Healthcare/Life Sciences

Healthcare and life services is a highly regulated industry, with a strong need for security and compliance. To keep up with the world of technology, the healthcare industry is rapidly developing data-driven technology solutions to further on-demand delivery of patient-centered care and solutions, all while reducing their costs. The result of this is that countless healthcare providers and hospitals are turning to DevOps to support the advancement of their healthcare innovation.  

DevOps allows for the rapid creation and delivery of features, fixes, and updates while reducing the time to market and increasing efficiency. Copado offers the only full end to end native DevOps solution with a complete CI/CD solution and an enterprise-grade level of security. For our healthcare providers, Copado is also fully HIPAA compliant, as well as GDPR and ISO Certified to ensure all patient data remains secure.


Over the last century, manufacturing companies experienced a revolution radically transforming how they designed, built, and delivered products using industrial automation. Today they are in the midst of another radical revolution: the integration and implementation of software to increase efficiency and processes to take it up another notch. 

This radical change hinges on the adoption of DevOps solutions and best practices. By implementing the right DevOps solution, firms are able to have 200 times faster and more frequent software deployments and spend 50% less time fixing security issues (State of DevOps Survey by Puppet). Ultimately, Copado Manufacturing customers have experienced a drastic increase in time saved and a boost in efficiency thanks to the collaboration and automation offered by the platform. Choose Copado and see how it can let you take charge and lead the pack into the world of tomorrow. 


As the world of technology continues to grow and evolve, the industry of communications and media needs to keep up with it. With endless options for consumers to access media and content on-demand, the industry is shifting towards a need for much shorter go to market times in order to be able to compete and keep their viewers happy and loyal. The answer to their problems lies in adopting a DevOps solution to accelerate their release velocity and quality at the same time. Copado provides you with a full end to end DevOps solution, along with a  superior customer experience to enable you to propel your company forward into the world of tomorrow.

Business & Management Services

One of the things missing in standard release processes today is visibility and collaboration. DevOps enables you to provide complete transparency across all your orgs and teams. Copado is built on the Salesforce platform. Through its native experience, Copado offers you all the native Salesforce collaboration tools and dashboards and analytics. This, in turn, enables admins, developers, program architects, IT departments and business units to work in tandem to increase efficiency. Through Copado’s DevOps 360 methodology, you get real-time visibility into what’s happening when, so you can start measuring and monitoring your innovation, which allows your business and management units to stay informed.

Financial Services

Financial services companies face new challenges in their day-to-day operations in meeting the new standards of today’s technology-driven era. To support today’s digital age, many financial services companies are modernizing their back-end systems and processes. Financial service companies operate in a highly regulated governance market, with a strong need for security and compliance. In order to adhere to this, many are using legacy systems and code, which traditionally has resulted in the overall industry software innovation to have been complex and slow. However, over the past few years, financial service institutions have started leading the charge in adopting the latest technologies through the implementation of modern software delivery practices such as DevOps.  

Copado is the only full end to end native DevOps solution with an enterprise-level of security and compliance. Our solution offers a platform that is fully ISO Certified, Shield, HIIPA and GDPR compliant and the only DevOps solution with a Compliance Hub to ensure compliance monitoring in real-time. Copado’s financial services customers have experienced up to a 15x increase in deployment, while simultaneously enhancing the quality of their software and adhering to compliance, security, risk, and governance. Are you looking to propel your financial institution into the future? Copado is the right DevOps solution for you.


The technology industry is leading the charge when it comes to innovation. However, only 10% of CXOs say that they feel they are very successful at rapid software deployment and development. The key to this solution is employing a DevOps solution and strategy that enables you to take your release velocity to hypersonic speeds. Copado is the #1 Native DevOps for Salesforce, and the only enterprise-grade solution on the market out there today with full CI/CD offerings and security and compliance standards. Copado meets you where you are on your release journey today, and guides you along the path to release maturity and sophistication thanks to its platform and methodology.

Are you ready for tomorrow?

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