Accelerate Autonomous Banking

Speed depends on stability – And good IT practices give you both.


Build trust at scale with the only end-to-end DevOps solution for Salesforce

80% of Banking CEOs — more than any other industry — are concerned about the speed of technological change. As consumer demands surge and FinTech competes for market share, Banks and Financial Services Institutions are forced to adapt quickly. And with Copado, they improve speed, quality and security.

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Mitigate Potential Risk

Purpose-built to support security and compliance, Copado provides quality gates, automated testing and complete visibility.

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Scale Agile Adoption

Native Salesforce UI, 3rd-party ALM integration and value-driven planning tools helps teams go beyond automation, fully adopting agile practices.

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Deliver Biz Value Faster

When you increase speed and reduce errors, you don’t just increase the work delivered, you increase the value delivered.

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“We have 600 employees who work on Salesforce. If we prevent even a single one-hour outage, Copado pays for itself — and with improved quality, we’re preventing business downtime.”
– Riche Landingham, Director of DevOps, Optima Tax Relief

Copado for nCino

ERD - Data Deploy

nCino helps banks extend the power of Salesforce with pre-built features and 3rd-party integrations. Copado helps teams harness that power but automating nCino configuration and data deployment processes. Learn how Copado helps teams deploy nCino capabilities—and data—faster.

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Copado for CPQ

ERD - Data Deploy

Salesforce CPQ provides a unified quote-to-cash solution that helps banks deliver faster — and smarter—pricing. But with configurable quotes comes complex relational data. Copado Data Deploy visualizes data relationships and allows teams to automate data deployments upstream and downstream. See how Copado accelerates CPQ implementation.

ERD - Data Deploy

Copado for Financial Services Cloud

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Salesforce Financial Services Cloud helps institutions scale quickly to provide faster loan relief, claim processing and wealth management. Copado helps you get these capabilities into the hands of your business user — and customers — faster.

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2021 State of Salesforce DevOps Report - Book Cover
Banks and financial institutions are at higher risk of disruption than any other industry. Are you prepared to keep up with the agility of FinTech to stay ahead of the disruption curve? See where you stack up with your financial services peers.

Download the 2021 State of Salesforce DevOps Report: Financial Services Edition


Banking and Financial Services Companies that Build On Copado

Optima Tax Relief
First Financial Bank
Alm Brand
Orange Bank
Capital Group
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