Complete CI/CD DevOps Processes for Salesforce


Salesforce CI/CD DevOps Processes for Salesforce

See how Copado’s sophisticated DevOps solution addressed Conga’s issues around version control, overwrites and constant manual intervention.  

Introducing the Summer ’20 Release

DevOps 360 Planning Dashboards

DevOps 360: Salesforce Delivery Management

DevOps 360 is the first Salesforce Delivery Management application, enabling you to measure the performance of your Salesforce implementation. This industry-leading analytics package provides an executive-level overview of performance across all your Salesforce delivery teams, as well as detailed insights into every part of the development process.

The Only End-to-End CI/CD DevOps Platform for Salesforce


Continuous Integration (CI)

(CI) is the process of integrating the creation and testing of changes into a shared repository where every change is built and verified as early as possible – usually several times per day. With Copado CI, you will find errors as early as possible, reduce integration problems and avoid compounding errors.


Continuous Deployment (CD)

(CD) is a devOps practice in which every code change goes through the entire pipeline and is put into production, automatically, resulting in many production deployments every day. With Copado CD, you can ensure every change is releasable, increase your release velocity, and improve release quality and security. 



With Copado Plan, you can maintain the context of your user stories and epics across the entire DevOps process. This enables you to accurately turn your business requirements into production-ready software and helps improve your release quality & velocity. Copado Plan comes with essential agile capabilities including User Stories, Kanban boards, Agile dashboards, Burndown charts, Sprint walls and a Work Manager to enable drag and drop management of user stories, perfect for sprint planning, reviews, managing work and more.



Copado Create enables you to structure your orgs and manage your entire CI / CD pipeline and associated environments, to help you promote and release user stories in a streamlined manner throughout your DevOps cycle. You can create your artifacts, set up environments and pipelines and create focused test plans that can be automated.



Copado offers an end-to-end testing solution that works seamlessly with the rest of the Copado DevOps Platform to help improve code quality and deliver high quality, predictable releases. Copado Test includes integrated support for Apex Tests, Manual test scripts, Pull Requests, Static code analysis and Selenium testing. Copado Test automates, enhances, and accelerates your continuous testing process to consistently deliver high-quality builds that run bug-free across environments.



Copado enables you to track changes being made across your Salesforce environments with automatic org snapshots, detailed change tracking, and rapid deployment and rollback. You can now schedule your deployments and  automate & schedule when validated packages get deployed. These Automated processes eliminate errors and manual handoffs, allowing feedback to be delivered faster.



Copado Release integrates your User Stories, provides Metadata Rollbacks, and creates Environment Branches to provide a single source of truth for your Metadata. With Copado Release, enterprises can easily manage parallel releases and drive consistent, predictable, auditable deployments across their continuous delivery pipeline. 



Copado provides the essential monitoring, reporting & analytics capability to continuously monitor your entire release pipeline data to give you the visibility you need to for quality and compliance of your releases across the DevOps lifecycle. With pre-built reports & dashboards and exceptions-based alerts and notifications, your team can ensure release quality and process compliance at all times.


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