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Don’t Ignore Testing In Low-Code Development


Low-code is a game changer — but teams must learn how to test their low-code creations.


Forrester: Enter the Panorama of Low-Code Application Testing

Today’s low-code landscape is a digital renaissance of citizen development and unmatched speed to market. But without testing, this renaissance can turn into the wild wild west in a hurry.

Here’s where it gets tricky.

Testing methods for traditionally developed apps are well established — but low-code creations require a completely new approach. Get up to speed on the strategies and challenges of low-code application testing with this mission-critical report by Forrester Consulting.

You’ll Learn

  • The Risks of Ignoring Testing: Bugs and Blind-Faith Builds
  • How to Distinguish Declarative Development from Custom Code
  • The Differences Between White-Box Testing and Black-Box Testing
  • Three Modes of Low-Code Testing: Unit, Component and Functional Testing
  • Declarative Logic: How to Minimize Custom Code and Eliminate Technical Debt

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