Copado DevOps Platform

CI/CD and Test Automation for Salesforce Development Teams

Eliminate the Tradeoff Between
Speed and Quality


20x Faster Lead Times


3x Fewer Production Issues


307% ROI for Your Team

Manage Your End-to-End Development Lifecycle


Enterprise Agile Planning
Organize your plans, ideas and work requests with Copado Plan. Sync your work with ALM tools like Jira and Azure Boards. Keep all work activities tied to a user story and collaborate with your team via Slack.

Value Driven Planning


Continuous Integration & Version Control
Say goodbye to change sets and merge headaches — and say hello to User Story-driven CI/CD pipelines. Use Version Control to track changes to code, configurations and other elements. Leverage Copado’s low-code Visual Editor to tailor page layouts around the way your team works.

Integrate Changes Fast


Automated Testing, Security & Compliance
Harness the power of low-code test automation and quality-driven pipelines to safeguard new code before it’s released. Our Quality Integration Framework seamlessly integrates any testing tool into the CI/CD pipeline (including Copado Robotic Testing) with built-in quality gates in your definition of “Done.” Leverage Copado Compliance Hub to verify each change you make.

Automate Testing


Continuous Delivery & Data Integration
Deliver code changes across your development, testing and production environments. Deploy both simple data and complex changes like Salesforce profiles and manual setup steps. Copado groups changes into user stories and automatically builds each release based on the user stories you deploy.

Automate Deployments


Value Stream Management & Analytics
Manage the end-to-end development process via Value Stream Maps to identify quality, speed and workload issues. Use built-in Salesforce capabilities to create your own reports and dashboards.

Optimize Flow

Automated Testing + Accelerated Software Delivery

See how Copado automates 200+ weekly regression tests and generates 16% faster deployments for Valmet — a leading Finnish industrial firm.

See Why Copado is the Market Leading DevOps Platform for Salesforce

Copado Unites Low-Code and Traditional Developers
  • Shorten the DevOps learning curve with a user interface familiar to all Salesforce teams.
  • Easily drag and drop visual pipeline builders to accelerate productivity.
  • Use Copado in development environments like Microsoft Visual Studio™ with the Copado CLI
Integrate with Your Specific Tech Stack
  • Extend the platform to other enterprise SaaS applications in the DevOps Exchange (Salesforce Clouds, MuleSoft, Heroku, SAP and ServiceNow, etc.)
  • Build your own integrations and custom scripts with Copado Functions and Copado Actions
  • Utilize low-code elements such as Salesforce Flows to build automated business processes
  • Connect to external tools for testing, notifications and other point solutions
Customize the UI, Data Model and Processes
  • Tailor your user interface to the way your team works
  • Integrate development data with other business data
  • Add your own custom logic using Flows or Apex
  • Combine Copado’s native capabilities with your custom processes through modular architecture.

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What are Copado’s 5 Steps to DevOps Success?

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Copado’s 5 Steps
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