Copado Champions

Copado Champions are distinguished members of the community who offer exceptional experience, leadership, and influence.

DevOps 360 Planning Dashboards

Becoming a Champion

Nomination & Selection

Copado Champions are nominated each year – and yes, you can nominate yourself! For 2021, nominations will take place between June 30 and July 14.
Champions are selected by Copado community managers and notified 2-4 weeks after the nomination period. Selected nominees will be invited to an exclusive Champion kick-off celebration to learn more about their role as a Copado Champion.

So, should I apply?

Yes! But if you’re still unsure, here is what a Copado Champion looks like:

  • You love Copado and want to help make release days obsolete
  • You are an active community member – answering questions, sharing best practices, and helping your peers
  • You’re a Copado ambassador online (and don’t worry, we’ll make sure you have the swag to do it)

Benefits for Champions

Copado Champions enjoy insider access and special perks including:

  • Champion profile badge and SWAG
  • Early access to release details
  • Speaking opportunities at Copado marketing or community events
  • Access to an exclusive Champion discussion group
  • MVP access at in-person events
DevOps 360 Planning Dashboards
DevOps 360 Planning Dashboards

Champions put the COPA in COPADO

Cultivate SuccessChampions are DevOps and Copado SMEs, skilled in talking about the value Copado brings. They are engaged in helping the next wave of Copado customers be successful. 

Over Deliver – Champions are Copado advocates, experts and innovators who take pride in a job well done. They embody our mission of making release days obsolete.

People are the CodeOur success depends on our empowered, diverse, and high performing teammates. Champions enjoy working together and collaborating openly, and always treat each other with fairness and respect.

Always Build Trust Champions lead with integrity. Nothing is more important than keeping our promises, doing business the right way.


Monitoring development performance helps Salesforce customers achieve improvements like:


Higher ROI from your salesforce investment per year







Value Stream Mapping

Identify bottlenecks, reduce waste, and assess adherence to quality and process at every stage of your development lifecycle.

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