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Salesforce DevOps for Banks and Financial Services Firms

Copado enables Digital Transformation Initiatives & Support Globally Distributed Teams in the Financial Services industry.


Build trust at scale with the only end-to-end DevOps solution for Salesforce

80% of Banking CEOs — more than any other industry — are concerned about the speed of technological change. As consumer demands surge and FinTech competes for market share, Banks and Financial Services Institutions are forced to adapt quickly. And with Copado, they improve speed, quality and security.

Unlock more ROI from your Salesforce Transformation

From better revenue forecasting to omni-channel customer service and call centers for travel, hospitality, transportation, and logistics companies, Salesforce and other cloud applications are building new capabilities that fuel digital transformation. But as their complexity grows, delivery teams are struggling to keep up. Copado reduces complexity, improves quality, and speeds up application delivery, so the transportation and hospitality industry can rapidly unlock the value of the cloud.

Mitigate Potential Risk

Purpose-built to support security and compliance, Copado provides quality gates, automated testing and complete visibility.

Scale Agile Adoption

Native Salesforce UI, 3rd-party ALM integration and value-driven planning tools helps teams go beyond automation, fully adopting agile practices.

Deliver Biz Value Faster

When you increase speed and reduce errors, you don’t just increase the work delivered, you increase the value delivered.

DevOps Results

Build Faster and Safer Travel and Logistic Experiences with CI/CD & Robotic Testing.


More User Stories Delivered Each Quarter


More ROI Delivered Annually


Improvement in Sprint Predictability


Adoption of Version Control


Faster time to Recover


Fewer Production Bugs

Optima Tax Relief

We have 600 employees who work on Salesforce. If we prevent even a single one-hour outage, Copado pays for itself — and with improved quality, we’re preventing business downtime.

Riche Landingham, Director of DevOps, Optima Tax Relief

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Copado for Veeva

Built on the Salesforce platform, Veeva CRM is the most widely used life sciences CRM solution. Copado helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies harness the power of Salesforce by automating Veeva configuration.

Copado for Salesforce Industries

Salesforce Industries (formerly Vlocity) accelerates insurers’ Salesforce adoption and ROI with configurable modules for health plan sales, provider network management, broker onboarding and more. Copado automates Salesforce Industries configuration and enables earlier testing, so health insurers can realize the ROI of Vlocity 46% faster. Discover how teams are operating Salesforce at scale with Copado.

nCino Technology Partner: Simplify Record-Based Migration

Simplify record-based migration and configuration with the #1 DevOps and Testing Platform for Salesforce. Copado seamlessly integrates with nCino’s cloud-based Bank Operating System to automate deployments and enable banks to generate higher account opening rates and minimize loan closing time. Leverage CI/CD and test automation for nCino to:

  • Eliminate manual data loads for each environment in your pipeline.
  • Safely move test data (along with related records) across your nCino orgs.
  • Customize and visualize the flow of changes from sandbox to production!

Copado for Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ provides a unified quote-to-cash solution that helps banks manage complex relational data and deliver faster, smarter pricing. Copado Data Deploy visualizes data relationships and allows teams to automate data deployments upstream and downstream.

Copado for Financial Services Cloud

Financial Services Cloud enables firms to provide faster loan relief, claim processing and wealth management at enterprise scale. Copado accelerates the time-to-market for these capabilities so they reach your business users and customers faster.

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Download the 2021 State of Salesforce DevOps Report: Financial Services Edition

Banks and financial institutions are at higher risk of disruption than any other industry. Are you prepared to keep up with the agility of FinTech to stay ahead of the disruption curve? See where you stack up with your financial services peers.

Copado is FedRAMP® Authorized

FINALLY — a cloud-native CI/CD platform authorized for Federal Agencies. Streamline and scale digital transformation on Salesforce with the first end-to-end DevSecOps Platform on Salesforce to achieve FedRAMP® authorization and provide a consistent set of security protocols for public sector agencies.

Security & Trust

As the only specialized compliance solution for Salesforce DevOps, Copado offers peace-of-mind at every step of your digital transformation journey. Monitor and enforce compliance rules for all metadata changes made in your environments and Git branches at all times. This trust and visibility enables predictable software quality, improved productivity, faster releases, improved compliance, governance and overall reduced costs.

Embedding security and compliance best practices, policies and tools into each phase of your DevOps lifecycle, Copado supports:

  • ISO
  • GDPR
  • EU/US Privacy Shield
  • SOX
  • EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield
  • Service Organization Control (SOC) SOC1,SOC2, SOC3
  • TRUSTe
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI)

Copado for Salesforce Industries

Salesforce Industries (formerly Vlocity) accelerates the government’s Salesforce adoption and ROI with configurable modules for public health, housing programs, foster care and child welfare. Copado automates Salesforce Industries configuration and enables earlier testing, so agencies can deliver value to citizens and employees faster. Discover how teams are operating Salesforce at scale with Copado.

Carahsoft Partnership

Carahsoft is The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®. As a top-performing GSA Schedule and SEWP contract holder, Carahsoft serves as the master government aggregator for many of its best-of-breed technology vendors, supporting an extensive ecosystem of manufacturers, value-added resellers, system integrators and consulting partners committed to supporting the public sector.


Features for Salesforce Admins, Developers and QA Teams

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The # 1 DevOps Platform for Salesforce Applications

#1 Native DevOpsSolution for Salesforce
Full-cycle, integrated DevOps processes
Used by Fortune 500 companies globally
ISO Certified, support for GDPR, HIPAA & more
Only solution with compliance management
Works seamlessly with existing tools

Communications service providers possess an abundance of customer data. But most of this data is dormant — barely any of it is used to create actionable intelligence. Service providers need to harness and activate this data to predict customer needs, determine proactive treatments, and create innovative solutions. They also need to enable sales, service and marketing teams to sEnterprise Salesforce customers pursuing digital transformation require DevOps at scale to rapidly deliver new capabilities, transform customer experience, and respond swiftly to new requirements. Copado offers the #1 Native DevOps platform for Salesforce that enables the full-lifecycle DevOps orchestration for Salesforce applications in an integrated, compliant and productive manner. Copado offers a Salesforce-native, tools-agnostic, cloud-based solution that seamlessly integrates, automates and harmonizes all the steps across the Salesforce DevOps cycle. The Copado solution includes a suite of seamlessly integrated products for planning, creating, verifying, deploying, releasing and monitoring to form a single, smooth, collaborative arrangement across the complete DevOps cycle.

Being 100% Salesforce native, Copado is fully integrated with Salesforce DX and Salesforce Clouds. Copado offers a highly secure platform for enterprises to protect and safeguard their entire DevOps environment for their salesforce applications. We ensure continuous security assurance for our customers through a combination of architectural design, specific security features, operational policies and best practices. Further, Copado is the only vendor in the market that offers a specialized Compliance solution to ensure process, people data and security compliance across the DevOps chain.hare data and collaborate via new tools to deliver unified, consistent and new customer experiences. Copado offers Salesforce customers in the communications industry, a single DevOps platform that they need to quickly innovate leveraging customer data from internal and external sources and deliver new high-quality applications and updates to test new service experience, develop business models and stay ahead of the competition. Also, with greater transparency, team collaboration, streamlined & compliant processes, Copado enables Communications companies balance innovation velocity with product quality and process control

With Copado, enterprises get a single solution with which, all key DevOps functions and processes are seamlessly integrated, manual tasks are automated or minimized, and the team and management get complete visibility of all the release pipelines and associated data across the DevOps cycle. This leads to improved and predictable software quality, improved productivity, faster releases, improved compliance, governance and overall reduced costs. Copado has enabled our customers have achieved reduction of build & deployment cycle times by up to 50 percent, near-zero environment issues, and significantly improved quality for their Salesforce releases.

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