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2021 State of Salesforce DevOps Report

Copado surveyed 200+ leaders and members of Salesforce development teams to learn how they’re leveraging DevOps to drive digital transformation.

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The 2021 State of Salesforce DevOps Report delivers an exclusive snapshot of today’s Salesforce customers and uncovers some common themes across the digital landscape.

Our first finding — digital transformations are accelerating. 82% of organizations we surveyed have increased their digital transformation budget while increasing or maintaining the size of their Salesforce development teams. Every aspect of a business is under pressure to become digital. And Salesforce offers one of the easiest and most powerful platforms to achieve this transformation.

We also found that elite companies are moving faster than lower performers and continuing to increase the gap. Elite performers have 30x shorter lead times, 46x more frequent deployments, 5x lower change fail rates and 37x shorter time to restore. In addition, leaders are more than twice as likely to track all changes in version control and 65% more likely to practice continuous integration.

Another trend we discovered: release coordination slows teams down and increases the risk and complexity of each release. Teams with decoupled codebases who are able to release independently achieved 34% higher deployment frequencies than those with coordinated releases.

Most companies rely on commercial DevOps tools. We found that 71% of respondents used at least one commercial Salesforce DevOps solution — with 54% using Copado or ClickDeploy.

Download the full report to access the rest of our findings!