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Revolutionizing the Pharma Industry with Low-Code Platforms

Leading pharmaceutical firms are leveraging low-code platforms like Salesforce and DevOps solutions like Copado to pivot at scale and meet the evolving demands of patients and healthcare personnel.

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COVID-19 continues to pressure pharmaceutical companies to innovate. Low-code platforms like Salesforce and Copado DevOps are proven solutions that can help the pharma industry ramp up software development, eliminate security and compliance risks and drive ROI.

Salesforce + Pharma: The Power of Pre-built Development and Customer 360

Salesforce’s built-in capabilities make it easy for developers to innovate on the low-code platform. Salesforce also enables pharma firms to create personalized patient experiences.

Copado DevOps: Helping Pharma Firms Leverage Salesforce to the Max

Copado helps pharmaceutical companies unleash the full power of Salesforce. The low-code platform delivers:

46% more Salesforce ROI.
2x improvement in sprint predictability.
94% reduction in production bugs.