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Forrester Consulting Study: The Total Economic Impact™️ of Copado DevOps

Copado commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study of four current customers. Learn how Copado drives a 307% ROI and $4.54M in net present value.

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Forrester Consulting embarked on a study to examine how Copado’s DevOps solution empowers Salesforce customers across the globe. Forrester interviewed four multi-billion dollar enterprises to better understand the benefits, costs and risks of a Copado investment.

Before leveraging Copado, these organizations relied on manual changesets and traditional script-based DevOps tools to deploy Salesforce applications. As a result, the process was labor-intensive, slow and prone to deployment failures. Application releases were also high-stress affairs and required significant overtime hours from the release team.

But after implementing Copado, these enterprises saw major improvements in ease of deployment and release team morale. Application updates ramped up from monthly to weekly to daily deployments — enabling each organization to realize the business value of their software much sooner. Release failures dropped and DevOps teams successfully handled larger workloads without the need to enlist additional resources. Key findings include:

Increased speed of user story deployment by 80-95%: Copado reduces the time to deploy a user story from 15 days to 0.7 days. Releasing a user story one day sooner drives $50 more business value. Over three years and 4,440 user stories, the increased release speed is worth $1.9 million.

Improved release manager productivity and developer capacity by 5-7%: Copado’s audit trail, version control, error logs and value stream maps help development teams boost efficiency. Over three years, the productivity lift is worth $1.7 million.

Improvements to change fail rates and quicker recovery timelines: After investing in Copado, organizations reduce their change fail rate below 10% and recover from failures 80-90% more quickly. Over three years, these improvements are worth $2.4 million.

Ultimately, Forrester concluded that Copado DevOps drives an ROI of 307%, over $6 million in benefits, $4.54 million in present net value and payback in less than six months.