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Customer Spotlight Reversing Manual Salesforce Releases for Cox

Cox Automotive — the brand behind digital marketplaces like Kelley Blue Book and — relies on Copado DevOps to replace time-draining manual Salesforce releases with blazing-fast automation.

How? Attend our Salesforce panel on December 16 to hear this tale of common pain points and customer success.

Thought leaders from Salesforce and Cox will join host Andrew Davis to discuss the past, present and future of Cox’s DevOps journey across multi-cloud environments. Get communications industry-specific strategies for your own digital transformation!

You'll learn: 

- Why Cox chose Salesforce + Copado, and how they've scaled both platforms to drive ROI

- 3 keys to Cox's success: a single source of truth, code quality, continuous integration. 

- How cloud-native DevOps unlocks faster and safer releases across 5+ Salesforce orgs. 

- Tips and techniques to help you deploy Vlocity in customer Salesforce orgs.