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Copado Robotic Testing: The Better Alternative to Selenium for Salesforce Test Automation

Selenium is one of the most used open-source test automation solutions. But it requires technical skills to build the framework. Not everyone can use Selenium; you’ll likely have to be a developer or engineer to succeed. If you’re using Selenium to test a platform like Salesforce, you’ll likely have to dedicate most of your time to maintaining the tests opposed to creating new ones to keep up with changes. Customers have switched to Copado Robotic Testing as the alternative to Selenium. If you can no longer maintain the Selenium framework you built years ago and are ready for a modern-day test automation platform that’s easier to create, faster to value and less to maintain, watch this short demo on how Robotic Testing simplifies Salesforce testing. Robotic Testing is Saas and ready to go and doesn’t require any lengthy setups. It’s all-code friendly so anyone on your delivery team (business, developer and technical testers) can utilize the intelligent and robust features. And lastly, with built-in maintenance and AI-powered, you can spend less effort on test maintenance and more time on test creation. Visit for more information.