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Effortlessly Automate Your Salesforce Tests with Copado Robotic Testing’s Salesforce Guidance

Are you tired of spending countless hours on creating and maintaining Salesforce tests? Copado Robotic Testing offers a solution to this challenge with our latest feature release: Salesforce Guidance. Our intelligent guided authoring predicts test steps based on your Salesforce environment metadata, making test creation faster and easier. Using Copado Robotic Testing, you can effortlessly switch between the Flow Editor, drag and drop pre-created actions, and use the Recorder or QEditor to create tests at scale. With this tool, our users no longer have to rely on script-based solutions that require locator strategies, attributes, selectors, or xpaths. Our solution is designed to empower business testers to create tests faster and spend less time on maintenance.

At Copado, we understand the importance of quality-driven testing and how it can benefit your business. Our diverse team of business, developer, and technical testers have designed Copado Robotic Testing to be a reliable and efficient solution for Salesforce test automation. If you're interested in learning more about how Copado Robotic Testing can help your team become more quality-driven, learn more here