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We are offering Free Certification Workshops that include a Copado Certification Exam Voucher. Start building your DevOps skills.

Copado Academy

Through the community, you will gain access to Copado Academy, which has a set of specially designed training modules to help you accelerate your adoption and elevate your DevOps skills.

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In addition to learning, you can also use the Copado Community to connect with the Copado team. We have enabled various different methods for you to engage with us. 

Learn about Salesforce DevOps on Trailhead

Copado is the first Salesforce AppExchange Partner to produce content for Trailhead! Discover the big ideas in DevOps and make your Salesforce development process faster and more reliable with our brand new modules.

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Certification Programs

Earn your Copado credentials with one of our ceritification programs.

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Copado Fundamentals I

  • Salesforce Admin Experience
  • Salesforce Application Lifecycle Experience (Recommended)
Learning Resources:
  • Academy Fundamentals I Trail

Exam Price:  USD $250.00

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Copado Fundamentals II

  • Copado Fundamentals I Certification
Learning Resources:
  • Academy Fundamentals II Trail

Exam Price:  USD $250.00

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Copado Consultant

  • Copado Fundamentals I Certification
  • Copado Fundamentals II Certification
Learning Resources:
  • Academy Consultant Certification Trail

Exam Price:  USD $500.00

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Copado Robotic Testing

  • Copado Fundamentals I Certification
Learning Resources:
  • Academy Copado Robotic Testing Certification Trail

Exam Price: USD $250.00

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Certification Enablement

Delivery Platform (Copado Academy):
  • Online, available 24/7
  • Full Playground Access
  • Hands-on Learning Exercises
  • Role-based Learning Paths
  • Copado Pathfinders
  • Answers

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Certification Rules

First Time & Retake:
  • Price USD $250.00 (Consultant = USD $500.00)
  • Examination: Online/On-Demand
  • Cadence: After Every Release
  • Price: Free (Unlimited Attempts)
  • Examination: Online/On-Demand
  • Delivery: Copado Academy

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