Salesforce Test Automation:
Provar vs. Copado Robotic Testing

What’s the Best Way to Automate Salesforce Testing?

See why Copado Robotic Testing is the fastest & safest solution in the Salesforce ecosystem. Cloud-based. Low-code. AI-powered. One unified platform for all.

Provar is hard for non-coders to maintain. Copado Robotic Testing is much easier. It’s truly codeless.
Manju Janarthanan
Automation Tester and Quality Manager at Propic

Results after choosing Copado

Faster Regression Testing
less time spent on testing

Copado vs Provar: What’s the difference?

Integrated CI/CD & Testing Platform
AI-Powered Productivity
Accessible for All Skill Levels
Client Server-Based (On-Premise)
Set Up Time
Instant process — simply log in. No manual updates or hardware installations are required
Lengthy process. Requires updates and apps to be installed by users
Yes: Low-code / No-code functionality
Often requires a Java / Python background for custom use cases
Native & third-party integration
Manual third-party integration
Test Authoring Capabilities
Live Recorder, Flow Editor, Smart Predictions, Advanced Editor, VS Code Plugin
Test Builder
Parallel Execution
Cloneable Robots
Requires investment in Selenium Grid
Test Maintenance
Change tolerant tests with self-healing AI
Requires manual effort
Screenshots, video recordings, detailed test logs, central repository of all artifacts
Test logs
Platform-Agnostic (Any Web App, On-Prem and Mobile, includes out of box libraries for SAP, ServiceNow, Web, REST API, and more)
Only Salesforce Testing
Capabilities Highlight
Quality Intelligence Analytics, RPA, API Testing, PDF Validations, Custom Keywords, Data-Driven Testing
Limited or no support
Before Copado Robotic Testing, it took me 4 hours to write 1 test case and make sure it ran. Now it takes just 30 minutes — and the same script runs on multiple devices.
Laura LaRocca
QA Manager
Brunswick’s OneASG

Results after choosing Copado

Faster Regression Testing
saved each release

Four Reasons Why Copado Robotic Testing is Better Than Provar

Move from Legacy to the Cloud

Copado Robotic Testing is based in the cloud, configuration is a cinch and there’s no need to purchase additional infrastructure (hardware, VMs, Selenium grids). Rest easy knowing you won’t have to spend additional cost for hardware you don’t need or have time to maintain. BONUS: You can scale your solution in minutes via easy-to-clone robots.

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Low-Code Collaborative Testing

Our low-code solution makes it easy for anyone to author scripts in minutes with the Visual Recorder and Flow Editor. With Copado’s Salesforce library, create tests that work across Classic or Lightning. Technical users can harness the power of pro-code extensibility to create custom Qwords and integrate with any other application.

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AI-Powered Productivity

Copado Robotic Testing applies Machine Learning and other rule-based algorithms to reduce manual efforts and enhance accuracy across test creation and maintenance — helping you increase productivity and quality. Leverage our intuitive Test Editor for smart predictions and test case healing capabilities.

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One Platform for All

Today’s digital workflows are powered by a patchwork of applications. Leverage Copado to test end-to-end business processes, front and back-end systems, mobile devices, APIs and beyond. Copado Robotic Testing is engineered to test Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow, Workday, Oracle and more. Trust in one solution to fulfill different testing types and use cases across your enterprise.

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