Salesforce Testing with Copado

Build unbreakable Salesforce tests in minutes with no-code automated testing.

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Download the 2022 State of Salesforce Testing Report

Download Copado’s State of Salesforce Testing report to discover the testing habits of cloud teams across the globe. (Spoiler alert: teams with test automation deploy 50% faster)

Test smarter — not longer.


Faster Testing

Generate hundreds of scripts in minutes with the fastest testing solution for Salesforce.


Fewer Failures

Catch bugs before launch and keep Salesforce updates from breaking your scripts with self-healing AI.


More Coverage

Scale end-to-end testing across your clouds and control robots with clicks — not code.

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Derisk Your Salesforce Development with Copado Robotic Testing

92% of Salesforce teams miss the mark when it comes to testing. Why? Countless cloud configurations and integrations make it tough to lock down 100% test coverage via traditional QA methods. As a result, untested code changes lead to buggy releases, costly repairs and wonky customer experiences.

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Common Salesforce Testing Challenges


Change is Constant

Every update needs to be validated to make sure it doesn’t break configured and integrated functionality.

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Highly Configurable

Your testing solution must be configured to enable testing across both low-code and pro-code Salesforce layers.

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Dynamic Elements

Salesforce is filled with elements that are tricky to test — from fields and objects to shadow DOMs and IFrames.


Salesforce & Multicloud

It’s not easy to scale end-to-end testing across workflows that span Salesforce & other cloud apps.

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How do you automate testing in Salesforce?

Enter Copado Robotic Testing — the fastest and smartest testing solution for Salesforce. This low-code platform harnesses the power of automation and AI to deliver end-to-end test coverage at scale.

    End-to-End Testing Across Salesforce & Beyond

    Copado Robotic Testing delivers the end-to-end support you need to test smarter. From Classic-to-Lightning migrations to complex business process testing within CPQ, nCino and Veeva.

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      Features for Salesforce Admins, Developers
      and QA Teams


      Easy maintenance with self-healing AI

      Seamlessly adapt to code changes and Salesforce updates with self-healing capabilities.


      Low-code scripting

      Design test cases in minutes via command-based keywords (QWords) and visual recordings.


      Scale on the fly with cloneable robots

      Need more firepower? Clone robots tailored to your Salesforce instance for parallel testing.


      Cloud-native application testing

      Set up and execute test automation across any cloud, browser, platform, or mobile device.


      Simplified defect triaging and quality predictions

      Pinpoint bottlenecks and triage bugs in real-time with our end-to-end testing dashboard.

      Parallel test scripts for Classic and Lightning UI

      Ramp up releases with concurrent test scripts across Classic, Lightning and any other version of Salesforce.


      Testing business-critical app integrations

      Prevent your Salesforce apps from breaking at the worst possible time — from CPQ and nCino to Veeva and Vlocity.

      DevOps and Salesforce Testing Go Hand in Hand

      Keeping up with the global pace of growth requires Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). And true CI/CD requires test automation. Today’s digital disruptors leverage Copado DevOps and Robotic Testing — in tandem — to ramp up end-to-end speed, quality and ROI. Our low-code, cloud-native CI/CD and Salesforce testing solutions unite low-coders and pro-coders in the same system for easy adoption and scale.


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