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copado robotic testing for servicenow

AI-Driven Test Automation for ServiceNow

Automate Testing Across End-to-End ServiceNow Workflows

Test ServiceNow Applications 10X Faster with Copado

Copado Robotic Testing is the only low-code test automation tool for ServiceNow. We support: IT Workflows, Employee Workflows, Customer Workflows and Creator Workflows.
ServiceNow applications are constantly changing — from system upgrades to agile deployments. Leverage Copado to test end-to-end scenarios within ServiceNow and additional integrations.

Optimized for Servicenow

Elevate Your World of Workflows

Easily test your integrations and customizations with our low-code functionality.

Faster Testing
more coverage
less maintenance
The nice thing about Copado Robotic Testing is you don’t have to write it. Copado simplifies the process with low-code functionality— making it much easier to get people up and running
Laura LaRocca
QA Manager
Brunswick’s OneASG

Robot-Powered Test Automation for your Digital Workflows

Here’s how we enable your team to deliver quality ServiceNow experiences.

Instant Ramp Up Time

We enable you to leverage the best technology so you can test anytime, anywhere — on any device (iOS and Android).

  • Designed on open APIs to drive quicker integrations with other tools

Get Started in Minutes

  • We translate all the technical aspects of testing into a natural language so people can get started in no time.
  • Our Visual Recorder, Flow Editor and keyword-driven approach help teams standardize their testing solution and gain end-to-end transparency.

Developer Friendly

Are you skipping every upgrade or staying up to date? For many teams, testing is the bottleneck that keeps them from taking advantage of every upgrade. Escape your bottlenecks with Copado Robotic Testing!

  • Integrate Robotic Testing into any CI/CD pipeline.
  • Reinforce development best practices by integrating with major version control systems.

Many Teams. One Solution.

  • Test ServiceNow workflows across different applications and systems through the UI or API level to deliver the best end-user experience.
  • Ensure integrations are running properly to avoid disruption to workflows.

Increase Your Productivity

  • Create future-proof tests and self-heal any changes to reduce maintenance efforts.
  • Leverage built-in editor with next-gen development capabilities like test step prediction, test case analysis and IntelliSense.

Are you ready to make your world of workflows work better?


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