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Helping Banks Operate Agile, Secure, Compliant & Customer-driven Businesses.

Copado Helps Banks Digitally Transform Across Multiple Business Dimensions

Increase Share-of-Wallet

With extreme competition for the customer’s wallet from both traditional quarters and from new fintech upstarts, banks need new capabilities in order to enable real-time personalization, identify new revenue opportunities, and address changing risk & regulatory conditions in a timely manner.

  • Quickly build and deploy new personalized tools, features and services
  • Ensure your sales and support processes are not put at risk by downtime
  • Deploy your Salesforce communities and pages with ease

Meet Rigorous Security and Compliance Standards

In the Banking industry, compliance and security are key board-level topics as security breaches and non-compliance can lead to severe consequences impacting bottom line and reputation.

  • Build security and compliance monitoring into your development lifecycle
  • Only vendor in the market with embedded compliance monitoring solution
  • Ensure traceability of all development activities
  • Comply with stringent industry standards such as ISO, GDPR, EU/US Privacy Shield, SOX, EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield, Service Organization Control (SOC) SOC1,SOC2, SOC3, TRUSTe, Payment Card Industry (PCI), HITRUST etc., to name a few.

Enable Digital Transformation Initiatives

In an industry where fintechs are working with a greenfield, free to innovate and redefine the rules of the game, big banks are constrained by much older legacy systems. The pressure on them to modernize and automate legacy applications, processes and infrastructure is immense and dents their ability to move quickly with their digital transformation initiatives.

  • Accelerate innovation and get the full ROI from Salesforce
  • Streamline and accelerate development pipelines
  • Automate your testing and release processes
    Iterate more quickly
  • Integrate with on-premise and legacy systems

Support Globally Distributed Teams

Software development within banks is a highly complex process as the IT operations and development teams are often geographically distributed and it is vital to enable shared visibility and control across the DevOps processes, tool chains and infrastructures.

  • Reduce friction between teams and break down functional silos
  • Create repeatable, predictable software delivery pipelines
  • Communicate using Chatter, assign tasks and create team-centric workflows
  • Track metrics to ensure efficient hand-offs and development feedback loops

Banking & Finance Customers Who Build On Copado

Alm Brand
Optima Tax Relief
First Financial Bank
Orange Bank
Capital Group

Consistently deliver personalized experiences


Innovate faster to grow consumer’s wallet-share


Minimize security threats & costs of non-compliance


Accelerate digital transformation initiatives


Improve collaboration & productivity of distribute teams

The # 1 DevOps Platform for Salesforce Applications

Enterprise Salesforce customers pursuing digital transformation require DevOps at scale to rapidly deliver new capabilities, transform customer experience, and respond swiftly to new requirements. Copado offers the #1 Native DevOps platform for Salesforce that enables the full-lifecycle DevOps orchestration for Salesforce applications in an integrated, compliant and productive manner. Copado offers a Salesforce-native, tools-agnostic, cloud-based solution that seamlessly integrates, automates and harmonizes all the steps across the Salesforce DevOps cycle. The Copado solution includes a suite of seamlessly integrated products for planning, creating, verifying, deploying, releasing and monitoring to form a single, smooth, collaborative arrangement across the complete DevOps cycle.

Being 100% Salesforce native, Copado is fully integrated with Salesforce DX and Salesforce Clouds. Copado offers a highly secure platform for enterprises to protect and safeguard their entire DevOps environment for their salesforce applications. We ensure continuous security assurance for our customers through a combination of architectural design, specific security features, operational policies and best practices. Further, Copado is the only vendor in the market that offers a specialized Compliance solution to ensure process, people data and security compliance across the DevOps chain.

With Copado, enterprises get a single solution with which, all key DevOps functions and processes are seamlessly integrated, manual tasks are automated or minimized, and the team and management get complete visibility of all the release pipelines and associated data across the DevOps cycle. This leads to improved and predictable software quality, improved productivity, faster releases, improved compliance, governance and overall reduced costs. Copado has enabled our customers have achieved reduction of build & deployment cycle times by up to 50 percent, near-zero environment issues, and significantly improved quality for their Salesforce releases.


#1 Native DevOps Solution for Salesforce


Full-cycle, integrated DevOps processes


Used by Fortune 500 companies globally


ISO Certified, support for GDPR, HIPAA & more


Only solution with compliance management


Works seamlessly with existing tools


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