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20x Faster Salesforce Releases

Accelerate Salesforce transformation with automated deployments and smart conflict resolution.

10x Faster Testing.
90% Less Maintenance.

Leverage the first CI/CD pipeline to integrate AI-powered test automation into every stage of development.

95% Less Downtime.
46% More ROI.

Unite developers, architects and business users on a low-code DevOps platform for maximum efficiency.

Quality results for flawless digital experiences

Aven Santo Domingo

Principal Architect, Kimberely Clark

100 hours saved / month on change management
“We looked at other solutions, but we eliminated them pretty quickly. Copado was by far the most mature, and it supported our model of customizing solutions for local markets.”
Manju Janarthanan

Automation Tester & Quality Manager, Propic

5x Faster Regression Testing
(8h to 90m)
“With Copado Robotic Testing, QA can run all their regression tests after each build and before each release. This saves a lot of time and effort. It used to take a full day (8 hours) — it now takes 90 minutes.”
Derek Nelson

Lead Salesforce Administrator, Weave

80% Faster Releases, 50% Less Errors
“I dreaded deployments before Copado. We'd always have to stay late to fix issues. Now, deployments are stress-free — I just click a button.”
Hetal Kamdar

Director of Salesforce Delivery, CDPHP

4x Faster Salesforce Delivery
“Because Copado runs natively on Salesforce, we didn’t have to deploy and learn a new platform. It is the only solution that supports Vlocity templates.”

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