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How to Ensure End-to-End Quality for nCino Test Automation

As the leading low-code banking platform for nCino, how do you ensure the end-to-end experience with this revenue-generating platform? 

Testing nCino comes with challenges:

  • Making sure your customizations to nCino do not break your loan process
  • The dynamic nature of nCino and the flexibility of the platform means endless customizations to the UI
  • Integration testing with third-party apps/ testing upstream and downstream across nCino and Salesforce for a seamless end-to-end experience 
  • 2 Release a nCino per year can potentially disrupt the user experience

Robotic Testing is a completely SaaS platform, which means you don’t have to worry about any hardware or installing third-party extensions just for basic testing capabilities to work. Everything you need to start quickly and successfully comes out of the box.

Watch this 3-min demo on how Robotic Testing can accelerate your nCino test automation with test templates, low-code features, Live Testing execution, and self-healing capabilities.

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