Get Five Copado Explorer Licenses For Free!

We just launched Copado Explorer — our new tool that makes Salesforce testing easy for every team. To receive 5 FREE user licenses, buy or upgrade to Copado Robotic Testing by April 30.

  • Stop back-and-forth between testers and developers on defect reports.
  • Convert manual UAT sessions into automated test scripts in a few clicks.
  • Enable business stakeholders to participate in UAT via simple markup tools.
  • Level up from manual tester to test automation engineer — no coding required.
  • Expand test coverage and find more defects before they reach end users.
  • Embed testing directly into CI/CD workflows within the Copado platform.

See Copado Explorer In Action

“We just don’t have the bandwidth or expertise to fully test Salesforce today. But Copado Explorer offers the promise of more accessible testing by providing all the data we need – recordings and screen flows – to easily communicate defects to the whole team."

Sean Morrison | Quality Assurance Manager | CORT

Did you know that 84% of Salesforce teams still test manually? Automated testing is too complex for most organizations — and that’s why we built Copado Explorer.

How does Copado Explorer work?

User-Friendly Capture and Mark
Defect Tracking via Real-Time Recording
Copy-and-Paste Automated Test Scripts
Environment Provisioning
DevOps Integration
  • User-Friendly Capture and Markup Tools: Anyone can use simple markup tools and screenshots to accurately capture, annotate and document defects. You never have to leave Salesforce!
  • Defect Tracking via Real-Time Recording: Explorer links each finding to the right feature so developers can reproduce and fix bugs faster.
  • Copy-and-Paste Automated Test Scripts: Since Explorer automatically records manual test steps, creating an automated regression test is as easy as copy and paste.
  • Environment Provisioning: No more login issues — Explorer automatically provisions testers in the correct environments.
  • DevOps Integration: Tests are linked to user stories to ensure traceability and validate new features before each deployment.

What’s in it for me?

  • Supercharged Productivity: Fewer bugs = less time troubleshooting and more time driving Salesforce innovation.
  • Simplified Collaboration: Enable devs, testers and business analysts to easily QA Salesforce without having to learn a new tool or change their daily workflow.
  • Expanded Test Coverage & Release Quality: Convert explorations into automated test scripts with a few clicks to eliminate future grunt work and ensure accurate testing.
  • Accelerated Feedback Loops: Resolve defects faster and decrease overall lead time by recording manual test steps for devs to reproduce.

Elevate Salesforce Quality for Your Entire Team with Explorer

QA Manager

  • Maximize Release Quality
  • Facilitate UAT with SMEs
  • Easily Collect Test Results
  • Assign Bugs to Developers


  • Collaborate with Testers and Managers
  • Quickly Reproduce Bugs
  • Give Prompt Code Reviews

Manual Tester

  • Record the Entire Exploration
  • Ensure You’re in the Right Org
  • Easily Report Findings without Losing Context

Test Automation Engineer

  • Convert Manual Tests into Automated Regression Tests
  • Avoid Production Defects via Comprehensive Regression Coverage

“Copado Explorer makes it easy to create reusable test scripts from everyday explorations, provide feedback to Dev and QA teams, and enables broad participation from both business and technical users in the testing process - to deliver high quality releases faster than ever.”

Esko Hannula | SVP, Product Management | Copado


Get Five Copado Explorer Licenses For Free!

Discover the tool that’s revolutionizing Salesforce testing.

  • Claim this offer to receive five complimentary licenses for Copado Robotic Testing ($12,000 value) free of charge for the length of your contract.
  • Users will not only receive Copado Explorer, but will also get access to our AI script enhancement tool, Copado Copilot, as well as parallel execution capabilities to help scale robotic testing.

This Offer Is Only Available Until
Apr 30, 2024

This limited time offer is part of our Copado Explorer launch and is available from now through the end of April. To redeem, click the button below to set up a meeting with our team by April 30. Don’t miss this chance to get your hands on our groundbreaking Salesforce testing solution.