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Agile Planning

Effective agile planning is crucial for achieving success in any digital transformation. From initial requirement gathering to the final delivery, leveraging Copado Agile Planning enables teams to establish a strong foundation for achieving their goals.

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Enhance your Salesforce deployments with Copado's seamless and risk-free CI/CD capabilities. Experience the power of pipeline views, automated deployments, back promotions, and more! Achieve unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in managing your Salesforce environment.

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Quality Assurance

Leverage the power of the Copado Quality Integration framework to effortlessly trigger, automate, and enforce various types of quality gates. With Copado, you can conveniently collect and consolidate all quality-related data, allowing your teams to effortlessly monitor and track outcomes through Salesforce reports and dashboards.

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Implement a scalable process that encompasses end-to-end security measures, including access permissions, detailed audit trails, automated testing, and embedded compliance scans. This comprehensive approach ensures not only a robust security framework but also enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the system.

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Security & Governance

Copado's built-in compliance solution cultivates trust and governance across the enterprise. With automated compliance scans, violation alerts, and a ready-to-use Compliance Health dashboard, organizations can seamlessly ensure adherence to regulations and standards.

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Data Deployment

Easily and reliably deploy complex relational data & app configuration data between Salesforce orgs with Copado’s user-friendly Data Templates. No technical experience needed!

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End-to-End Visibility

Equip your team with comprehensive visibility to enhance collaboration, visualize workflows, detect overlaps, and capture insightful metrics for actionable results.

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Customize your DevOps experience by leveraging Copado Functions, Actions, and Job Templates to tailor and expand Copado for your specific requirements, streamlining its functionality to fit seamlessly into your workflow.

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Salesforce Testing

Rapidly deliver high-quality apps and releases with Copado’s AI-powered test automation software that’s built for Salesforce. Designed for testers of all skill levels, Copado’s low-code approach and cloud-based platform make it easy to run end-to-end tests for every one of your workflows.

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What's Included?

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Salesforce Testing

Deliver high-quality Salesforce applications at the speed of light with Copado’s AI-powered test automation software. Designed for testers of all skill levels, Copado’s low-code functionality and cloud-based platform enable you to run end-to-end tests for all your workflows.

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End-To-End Testing

Automate any application running on the web, mobile, UI, API or desktop. Drive end-to-end testing in one user-friendly interface.

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Copado Explorer

Leverage the easiest, fastest way to do Salesforce testing with Copado Explorer. This user-friendly testing tool makes it easy to QA Salesforce features, accelerate feedback loops and automate regression testing with a few clicks.

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Every hero needs a sidekick. Harness the power of Copado AI to automate testing across your Salesforce apps, convert manual actions into automated scripts and allow testers to complete work faster.

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Test Copilot
Parallel Execution with Robots 

Scalability is the key to test automation success. With Parallel Robot Execution, you can clone and execute as many robots as you need and exponentially reduce feedback time.

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DevOps Integration 

Integrate your testing solution with Copado’s DevOps platform to plan, track, test and deploy features in one centralized end-to-end view. Pull user stories and create records in Copado with relevant data points for developers and admins.

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Mobile Testing

Launch fast-loading mobile applications that never freeze or crash to drive user satisfaction. Copado’s AI-powered mobile testing software is cloud-based, doesn’t require scripts or programming skills and allows you to test apps on 200+ mobile devices at the click of a button.

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Essentials Basic

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Essentials Plus

$195 / User / Mo Billed Annually


Up to 15 per month





Priority email support with 1-day business hour response

Priority email support with 1-day business hour response

Connect any org
Production, Sandbox, Developer, Scratch
Org comparison and change detection
Fast, Easy Deployments
Full metadata support
Metadata grouping, sorting and filtering
One click re-deploy & clone deployment
Team Roles & Collaboration
Team collaboration & user management
In-app chat & notifications
Support code review process & workflow
Clients Manager to filter workspace views
Releases Pipelines & Work Items
Custom release Pipelines
Work item "user stories"
Integration with GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, Azure DevOps
Version Control & Backups
Deployment to and from Git to Salesforce
Multiple deployment methods for all types of Git branching strategies
Deployment to and from Git to Salesforce
Automation & Continuous Integration
Custom CI Jobs to backup, schedule, automate & validate deployments
Robotic Testing


Data Deploy


Copado Add-Ons

Additional platform capabilities for your unique Salesforce development needs.

Copado Data Deploy

Extract and deploy even the most complex configuration and testing data.

20% Of Contract Value

Compliance Hub

Define security and compliance rules, enforce them during development and deployment, and monitor live environments.

10% Of Contract Value

Value Stream Maps

Define your development and testing process, capture metrics, and identify the top inefficiencies in your processes.

15% Of Contract Value

Customer Success Plans

Success Plan

15% Of Contract Value

Success Plus Plan
25% Of Contract Value

Copado Functions

Extend the Copado DevOps platform by automating complex workflows and integrating with your tools and systems.

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Mobile Testing

Build apps that never freeze or crash with AI-powered test automation for mobile devices. Instantly test apps across 200+ mobile devices — at the same time — with a single click.

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Copado Data Deploy Essentials

Extract and deploy even the most complex configuration and testing data. Only with Essentials+

$100 / month / user

Robotic Testing Essentials

Up to 5 users

$1000 / month

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