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The Only Quality-Driven, Low-Code DevOps Platform for the Clouds

Copado empowers all teams to collaborate across multi-cloud pipelines.

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Meet the Founders

Meet the men behind the magic.

Copado’s founders didn’t set out to change the world — they just wanted to see their families more often. In 2013, two release engineers (Federico Larsen and Philipp Rackwitz) built the first end-to-end native DevOps platform for Salesforce to combat all the late nights, weekend war rooms and overworked teams. And the rest is history.

Today, Copado is powered by 700+ employees across 15+ countries and four continents. We accelerate digital transformation for the most powerful brands on the planet. And we’ve never lost sight of our founders’ vision: To make release days obsolete.

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The Only Quality-Driven, Low-Code DevOps Platform for the Clouds

Get smart, user-friendly test automation for the clouds







High-Level Security

Enterprise-Grade Security for Your Cloud

At Copado, we combine a strong security framework, internal and external audits, penetration testing, and trained employees to ensure that your data is protected. Below you’ll find an overview of many of our security policies, procedures, and controls.


Built for the next generation of low code platforms

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The #1 Low-Code DevOps Platform

Learn more about our Spring '22 Release and how leading teams are adopting DevOps to increase innovation speed and quality.

Our Team

Copado is on a mission to make release days obsolete for delivery teams worldwide.

Built for Salesforce Users — By Salesforce Users.

Wield the power of low-code DevOps automation to drive agile development cycles, lightning-speed releases and predictable software quality.

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Gain more value

Gain more value over the life of your Salesforce investment

DevOps improves ROI through reduced downtime and increased value delivery, leading to millions of dollars in positive business impact.

Low-Code Teams Face the Same Challenges as Traditional Coders

As teams struggle, businesses delay innovation.

Defects in Prod
Not enough resources and inefficient testing processes lead to show-stopping defects, frequent outages and long time to restore.
Defects in Prod
Not enough resources and inefficient testing processes lead to show-stopping defects, frequent outages and long time to restore.
Defects in Prod
Not enough resources and inefficient testing processes lead to show-stopping defects, frequent outages and long time to restore.

Common Salesforce Testing Challenges

Change is

Every update needs to be validated to make sure it doesn’t break configured and integrated functionality.


Your testing solution must be configured to enable testing across both low-code and pro-code Salesforce layers.


Salesforce is filled with elements that are tricky to test — from fields and objects to shadow DOMs and IFrames.

Salesforce &

It’s not easy to scale end-to-end testing across workflows that span Salesforce & other cloud apps.

The Value of DevOps

Copado customers leverage our low-code DevOps and Testing Platform to drive digital transformation across the globe.

The Total Economic Impact™️ of Copado DevOps

Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by Copado DevOps

JULY 2021

New Benefits

Forrester found that typical companies can unlock over $6 Million in business benefits over three years and achieve a 307% ROI using Copado.

Champions put the COPA in COPADO

Cultivate Success

Champions are subject matter experts. They know how to communicate the value of DevOps and help the next wave of Copado customers find success.

Over Deliver

Champions are Copado advocates, experts and innovators who take pride in a job well done. They embody our mission of making release days obsolete.

People are the Code

Champions enjoy working together, collaborating openly and treating each other with fairness and respect.

Always Build Trust

Champions lead with integrity. Nothing is more important than keeping our promises and doing business the right way.

Key Features

Low-Code Orchestration:

We make it easy for non-technical admins to master drag-and-drop Job Templates and create point-and-click Pipeline Builders. Control the order of your change migration — from development orgs to production orgs.

Copado Actions & Copado Functions:

Run any script you need from directly inside Copado to execute commits, deployments, promotions and tests on Salesforce. No coding required.

Advanced Branching Strategy:

Copado’s branching strategy is User Story-centric. When commits happen, Copado merges feature branches into the org’s master branch. This keeps the org in sync with the metadata in the branch.

Future-Proof Conflict Resolution:

Check metadata added to user stories for potential conflicts. Copado learns how you resolve conflicts and automatically applies the right solution if the same conflict strikes again.

Promotion and Back Promotion:

Promote user stories upstream or downstream across your development environments. Minimize org differences from a metadata perspective.


Get peace of mind with instant damage control. Scrutinize and select the specific changes you want to roll back across Salesforce metadata (including nested components) and other components.

Quality results for flawless digital experiences

10 weeks of testing down to 30 hours
Laura LaRocca

QA Manager
ASG by Brunswick

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$40k+ saved per month
Miika Soinnen

Manager, IT & Digital Services

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500 Manual Hours Saved Daily
Janne Suorti

QA Manager
Finnish Tax Administration

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End-to-End Testing Across Salesforce & Beyond

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