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Building Unbreakable Applications with Quality-Driven Pipelines

READ WHITEPAPER: Learn why quality-driven DevOps pipelines are the only way to unlock continuous quality and build unbreakable applications on Salesforce and other enterprise cloud platforms.

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Delivering on the promise of digital transformation is no small feat. Building an intuitive customer journey involves hundreds of different enterprise applications. Platforms like Salesforce and ServiceNow have helped alleviate the challenge of scarce pro code developer expertise by offering a low code path that enables a vast pool of talent to join in and become contributors.  

The Problem: Too Much Software to Test, Not Enough Time

Today’s organizations are scaling at hyperspeed — and they are struggling to keep up with functionality and security testing. But without testing, complex technologies are at risk of breakdowns and cybersecurity breaches. The end result: A lack of quality that greatly impacts the speed of delivering innovations to market. 

The Solution: Quality-Driven Pipelines

Quality-driven pipelines embed continuous quality throughout the entire software delivery lifecycle. They include: 

  • Shift-Right Testing (Functional Tests Live in Production)
  • Agile Development Process
  • Performance Testing
  • Compliance & Security
  • Coding Standards
  • Definition of “Done” & Audit Trail