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7 Copado Features that Make Test Automation Easy and Efficient

Today’s organizations are under pressure to deliver high-quality releases on time and on budget. This leads to two tricky challenges:

  • How do you deliver value fast? How do you meet aggressive release timelines while simultaneously enhancing quality, productivity and predictability? This is a common DevOps challenge for organizations with content complexities.
  • How do you ensure seamless end-to-end business processes? How do you keep everything efficient, consistent and predictable across different systems, sources and tech stacks. This is a common challenge for companies with dependency-driven complexities.

Do these questions keep you up at night? If so, you’re not alone. But here’s the good news: You can harness the power of robotic software testing to nip both headaches in the bud. Copado Robotic Testing is easy to scale and maintain — while accelerating your speed of innovation and go-to-market. Plus, it helps you take your DevOps process to the next level through predictive analytics and a 360-view of your DevOps health. Here are seven ways Copado Robotic Testing can turbocharge your release cycle.

1. Ready-to-Deploy Test Infrastructure in the Cloud

Copado Robotic Testing is 100% in the cloud. This means you don’t need to invest in hardware and maintain it. You’ll never run out of test execution capacity. With Copado Robotic Testing, you can set up your first automated test case in seconds. Our robots tackle procurement, deployment and maintenance — freeing up your team to focus on innovation and test creation.

No matter how much testing you need or when you need it, you can execute an infinite number of test suites to run around-the-clock — at the same time. And no matter how many teams and organizations you need to support, Copado Robotic Testing makes it easy to create multiple projects and manage permissions for internal and external users.

2. Built to Scale Across Platforms, Test Types and Capacity Requirements

Copado Robotic Testing is designed to scale to the needs of global enterprises with large software development teams. You can test a wide range of target systems and platforms: applications running on different websites, native OS and mobile (Android or iOS). From development to deployment, Copado Robotic Testing fits all kinds of testing needs.

At the heart of Copado Robotic Testing is our team of robots that live in the cloud and are programmed to understand test suites. If you need to test in high volumes, you will likely require several robots to run in parallel. With machine vision, you can automate both native desktop applications (like SAP) and web or mobile applications (like Salesforce). You can schedule your test runs ahead of time to fit your schedule.

3. Superior Test Case Design via QWords

Copado Robotic Testing features a smart and simple command-based test design tool known as QWords. They follow natural language patterns and are easy to use — even for admins without a testing or programming background. In fact, hundreds of thousands of test cases can be designed and run with just 20 simple commands. While maintenance typically takes 75% of a QA team’s time and effort, QWords cuts this down to just 15%.

QWords are a hybrid between programming-based test automation and visual tool-based test automation. While programming tools are flexible and powerful in the hands of a pro-code developer, they are difficult to maintain and tough to learn for low-code admins. On the flip side, visual tools make it easy to create tests, but the tests themselves are tricky to maintain.

QWords were designed to give you the best of both worlds: quick to adopt, hyper-flexible and easy to maintain. The same exact test can be run across different web browsers, mobile and native applications. Maintenance costs can escalate when automation coverage scales, but QWords eliminates the need for heavy lifting.

4. Predictive Analytics for DevOps

DevOps teams need to automate integration, testing and deployment to obtain continuous feedback on functional and technical quality. Copado Robotic Testing features built-in predictive analytics fueled by several sources to model the entire software development stack. We leverage AI and data to determine the most influential predictors of software quality with a high level of confidence.

Copado Robotic Testing provides quality intelligence to give customers the ability to measure, analyze and predict functionality and technology. It can help you figure out what’s hampering your process and what steps you can take to increase your efficiency. Quality intelligence provides you with actionable insights on your DevOps pipeline performance and helps you pull the right levers to prevent production incidents.

5. Software Toolchain Integration

You can use Copado Robotic Testing as a stand-alone testing solution — nothing else is needed. If you already have a continuous integration pipeline up and running, Copado Robotic Testing is easy to plug in. If you use Git as your source code and test case library, Copado Robotic Testing will use Git too. And if you use Jenkins, Bamboo or some other tool to control your DevOps flow, it will seamlessly integrate with Copado Robotic Testing as well.

Copado Robotic Testing collects a wealth of data and visualizes it via dashboards. But if you’d prefer to use Clickview, Tableau or another data visualization tool, you can access it through our data warehouse API.

6. Traceability and Visual Transparency in Test Results

Want to watch recorded videos of our robots in action? Copado Robotic Testing stores accessible test logs for each execution round — as well as screenshots of failed scenarios and entire video recordings of test runs.

7. Production Monitoring

Copado Robotic Testing is equally suited to handle release testing and post-release testing. It uses telemetric data to monitor the run-time behavior of the software and lets you execute regularly scheduled tests in the production environment and monitor the system response times. The Quality Intelligence heat map view tells you where and when you may have performance issues at a glance.

Cloud-Based Automation Connected by a Single Source of Truth

On Copado’s Robotic Testing platform, different robots and suites can be deployed, controlled and maintained in the cloud through a single, consistent UI. This fuels end-to-end scale, reduces complexity and gives cloud teams the predictive analytics they need to drive innovation.

Interested in exploring our test automation solution for yourself? Schedule your product demo to meet our robots!

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