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Measure the performance of your Salesforce Implementation

Summer ’20: Salesforce DevOps Just Got Smarter

Align Your People, Process, and Goals to Quickly Navigate Any Challenge

  • Measure Salesforce ROI
  • Faster Release Cycles
  • Safer Innovation Delivery
  • Adapt to Changing Market Conditions
  • Align Business Goals With Technology

Continuously Improve your Salesforce Delivery Performance

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DevOps 360: Salesforce Delivery Management

DevOps 360 is the first Salesforce Delivery Management application, enabling you to measure the performance of your Salesforce implementation. This industry-leading analytics package provides an executive-level overview of performance across all your Salesforce delivery teams, as well as detailed insights into every part of the development process.

Achieve Measurable Performance Gains

Such as:


Higher ROI from your Salesforce Investment




reduction in manual deployment tasks

5 Day


CIO Overview

Dashboards provide metrics that summarize the entire delivery process, including Deployment Frequency, Lead Time, Change Fail Rate, and Time to Recover.

DevOps 360 Planning Dashboards
DevOps 360 Planning Dashboards

Planning Performance

Get insight into the progress of your current Sprints with metrics like Burn Up, and improve predictability by looking at historic trends like velocity, % of work carried over from each sprint, Planned vs. Completed work, and Distribution of Lead time.

Development Performance

Analyze changes to your metadata by project and across time to understand code vs. config balance, and find hotspots in your metadata that might deserve refactoring.

DevOps 360 Planning Dashboards
DevOps 360 Planning Dashboards

Delivery Performance

Analyze your deployments to understand your speed and frequency of releases. Identify inefficiencies like excessive manual steps, high deployment complexity, and recurring failures that interfere with a smooth release process.

Value Stream Mapping

Get a bird’s eye view of your processes and how your team is working together. Expose wasted time and maximize flow.  

DevOps 360 Planning Dashboards

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