Copado Pathfinder Pricing

Simple, user-based pricing on the leading native DevOps platform for Salesforce. 

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Features By User Type Guest License User License Admin License
Create and manage user stories, projects, sprints, epics, test scripts.
Use chatter feed to collaborate around a user story and keep track of decisions.
Run manual functional test scripts on user stories.
Leverage Salesforce report and dashboard capabilities to monitor the status and progress of user stories.
ALM Integration: Bi-directional integration for Jira and Azure DevOps
Import user stories from: Rally, Agile Accelerator, VersionOne
Add commits to user stories: Files within those commits will automatically be deployed when promoting the User Stories.
Add Manual, Data, Custom Setting, Deletion, Script or Callout Steps to a User Story to make sure also non-metadata steps are also completed before or after the deployment of a feature.
Run compliance tests for user stories (available with Compliance Hub).
Set up quality gates with Salesforce configuration to provide release managers intel if a user story is completed, approved, tested and ready to be released.
Run apex tests for user stories.
Perform static code analysis per User Stories.
Keep your business context and associate Metadata and Git Metadata changes on User Stories.
Overlap Awareness: Copado will detect potential conflicts when same metadata items are selected against multiple user stories.
Quick check for potential conflicts of specific metadata with other User Stories
(only with git)
Use sprint wall and work manager dashboards with backlog, backburner, sprints and other configurable panels.
Promote: Select a set of user stories that are approved for promotion, and Copado will create 1 single deployment that combines all the changes automatically
Back promote user stories to lower environments
Validate user story commits
OAuth authentication: Authenticate unlimited orgs using OAuth.
Create and Run Selenium Automation tests
Deploy Selnium Tests to Multiple Environments
Git version control: Deploy from Git, compare branches, commit, rollback, etc.
Automated Git backups: Take a snapshot of all the metadata on an org into a Git repository/branch of your choice.
Deployment of users: Select users from a source org and deploy them to another org. No more data-loader and vlookup to map all the Id fields.
Deployment of profiles and permission sets: Just select profiles/permission sets and Copado will deploy them all (including FLS, OLS, tab visibility).
Deploy to multiple orgs: Create a deployment and deploy it to an unlimited amount of orgs in parallel and validate changes before deploying them.
Deployment of metadata: Like change-sets or ant-scripts but ten times faster. You can search, filter and select any lightning metadata faster.
Deployment of translations: Just select the language and Copado will deploy all translated items (fields, labels, tabs, etc.).
Pre/Post deployment jobs: Run Apex test on source before or run a Selenium test on destination after a deployment.
Org & commit differences: Compare 2 orgs, or an org and a commit, check the differences and deploy all or just a selection.
Scheduling of deployments: Prepare a deployment and schedule it to run at any date/time in the future.

**All user based features also require the appropriate Platform License. Some features listed are not be available to users with User and Admin licenses without the coorespoding platform license that allows access to these features. (i.e. User and Admin licenses can run a compliance test for user stories ONLY if the organization has an Enterprise Platform license or a Compliance Hub add-on license)

Advanced Data Deployer – Add-on License Guest License User License Admin License
Create and Manage Data Templates
Deploy configuration data (CPQ, nCino, CloudSense)
Seed lower environments with production data
Override filters upon deployment
Mask data in flight to lower environments
Deploy Lightning Files and classic attachment
Automatically match record user lookups and record types
Access Data Template ERDs
Features by Platform Type
Professional Enterprise
Supports up to ___ Production Salesforce Orgs (more available with added licensing)
Simple and powerful: Define a continuous integration process in seconds, no servers needed, and trigger a deployment upon commits to a certain branch.
Link your sandboxes to create a base for advanced Copado functionality
Represent git branches visually to create an overview and deployability status.
Webhook enabled: Automatically recalculate the differences based on events.
Validate Git merges: Continuously test if your branches are mergeable.
Validate merge deployments: For each mergeable change, Copado will validate an incremental deployment (check only).
Sync branches: For each validated deployment, sync feature will deploy the incremental change and push the merge commit to the repository, keeping salesforce and Git in sync
Promote and back promote user stories (individually or in bulk) with their metadata and related deployment tasks.
Jenkins plugin: For those who have Jenkins in place, use the power of Copado to enhance the Salesforce/Jenkins experience.
Leverage the Webhooks API with Salesforce Process Builder or Apex in order to further automate your process.
Selenium Automation
Automate regression testing for your solution in different environments.
Able to perform tests on Salesforce portals.
Chrome extension recorder for easy script creation.
Create data driven tests with different data sets for the same script and different settings per environment.
Organize tests in test suites and run parallel executions with test groups
Promote/rollback test case versions.
Run tests on any connected org without adapting the test-script due to universal locators.
Support of 800+ browsers and operating systems including Mobile versions.
View tests executions recorded in a video (depending on provider capacities).
Webhook enabled to automate when tests are triggered.
Enable automated regression testing for each user story deployment or promotion release.
Compliance Hub (Included in Enterprise Platform or avaialble as a seperate Add-on)
Enhance security with the first compliance hub for Salesforce.
Create and assign a compliance rule group at an environment Level.
Run compliance scans for a complete org, a particular user story, a Git repository or a branch.
Automatically alert or prevent deployments with compliance violations, according to customizable criteria.
Review compliance findings.
Abort a process that is violating a compliance rule (commit/deploy).
Schedule compliance scans.

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