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Qwords 101: Enabling Low-Code Test Automation

Say goodbye to pro-code platforms and join the world of low-code automated testing with QWords. Learn how a string of single-step keywords can automate each step of your application testing process.

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Save your team time and money by switching to an automated, low-code approach to testing. Copado’s QWords tool allows you to write test cases with single-step keywords that don’t require scripting or coding skills.

QWords: Easy to Automate, Review and Maintain

QWords are highly reusable, platform-agnostic and easy to scale across different applications. Low-code test automation frees up your team’s time and resources by taking care of repetitive routine tasks in the background and reducing the knowledge barrier, making knowledge transfers across your team faster and cheaper.

This whitepaper explores:

  • What are QWords
  • How do QWords work
  • The benefits of platform-agnostic testing
  • How QWords compare to Behavior Driven Development syntax
  • How to implement QWords
  • How to execute a QWords script