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Copado User Toolkit Episode 10: Profiles, Permission Sets & Other Pesky Salesforce Components

Committing and promoting Salesforce components can be a challenge — without the right process in place.

Ready to sharpen your DevOps skills and demystify profiles and permission sets? Don’t miss episode 10 of the Copado User Toolkit — your hands-on guide to growth and success on the Copado Platform. Jen Nelson and Caity Stark from Copado’s Customer Success Team will show you how to leverage simple techniques for committing and deploying pesky Salesforce components.

Let’s team up to help you save time and eliminate stress on release day!

You’ll Learn:

  • The Best Way to Commit Components.
  • When to Use “Retrieve Only”.
  • When to Use Full Copado Profiles and Permission Sets.
  • Tips for Page Layouts, Einstein Components (aka Wave) & Vlocity Components.