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Copado User Toolkit Episode 2: Eliminate Merge Conflicts with Back Promotions

Next-gen cloud teams push their Salesforce metadata across upstream and downstream environments at lightning-speed — without risk of out-of-sync user stories. How? Through the power of Back Promotions.

Welcome to the Copado User Toolkit: Your go-to resource for the tools and tips you need to unlock success on the Copado DevOps Platform. In episode two, Caity Stark and Morgan Schultz will show you how to architect and organize the right back promotion strategy for your business. Join us to troubleshoot your biggest user headaches!


You’ll Learn:

  • Why Back Promotions are a Mission-Critical Element of CI/CD
  • How to Automate Back Promotions
  • How Back-Promoting Changes Reduces Merge Conflicts
  • How to Minimize Multi-Org Metadata Differences
  • Real-Life Back Promotion Scenarios to Avoid