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Copado User Toolkit Episode 7: How to Integrate Jira Cloud with Copado

Looking for a better way to keep business users and Salesforce developers on the same page? 

Copado makes it easy to track User Stories across the development lifecycle — but many of these User Stories originate from business teams who request Salesforce changes in Jira. Keeping both systems synced through manual updates can lead to bottlenecks, errors and siloed information. Fortunately, the Copado DevOps Platform integrates with Jira Cloud to help teams monitor the progress of User Stories in both systems. 

Join Caity Stark and Martin Ryder for episode seven of the Copado User Toolkit! This hands-on webinar will equip you with the tools and tactics you need to succeed with Copado. 

You’ll Learn:

  • The Risks of Manually Copying User Stories into Copado & Updating Jira
  • How to Prepare for Linking Jira and Copado
  • How to Sync Jira Cloud with Copado via Copado Connect
  • How to Leverage Real-Time Integration with Audit Logging & Configure Field Mapping
  • Options for Syncing Copado with Jira On Prem