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DevSecOps 101: DevOps + Compliance, Security and Testing


Take this virtual tour to pave your journey to DevSecOps maturity. At Copado, our end-to-end DevOps platform features built-in DevSecOps tools to help you stay in line with shifting national and global regulations.


Security: Whose Responsibility Is It?

While Salesforce automatically secures intrusion detection, computing, databases and networks, you still need to manage your community security across development, data access controls and user permissions.


All-In-One DevOps

Copado simplifies your DevSecOps process by integrating compliance, security, testing into your end-to-end DevOps process. Our solutions include security services, compliance hub and automated testing framework.


5 Steps to DevSecOps Enlightenment

We’ll also show you how to grow and nurture your DevSecOps solution over five steps:

  • No Process
  • Recognition
  • Simplification
  • Automation
  • Continuous Improvement