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Five Steps to DevOps Success

Behind every digital transformation is a low-code delivery team. These teams face the same challenges as traditional coders — slow and risky processes that undermine the power of cloud development. Siloes across technologies, processes and teams lead to a Pandora’s box of delays and dysfunction.

But here’s the good news: Leading delivery teams are adopting DevOps to increase the speed and quality of innovation. DevOps has redefined the time-to-value of software delivery across five stages:

  • Build
  • Verify
  • Deliver
  • Monitor
  • Plan

What are the 5 Steps to DevOps Success?

To become a digital disruptor, today’s leading companies tend to follow the same five-step path to digital transformation.

  • Visibility: Situational Awareness
  • Quality: At the Source
  • Speed: Rapid Delivery
  • Innovation: Business Impact
  • Resilience: Agility & Adaptability