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What’s New on the Copado Platform? Ep. 2: The latest platform, CI/CD & Robotic Testing Innovations

Discover the latest advancements in our DevOps Platform by watching the newest episode of "What's New on the Copado Platform?". Our Copado Product Teams will demonstrate the powerful innovations added in 2023, and provide insider tips and tricks to help you maximize their potential. So, explore the latest innovations and level up your Salesforce development.

Explore new feature highlights:

  1. Platform: Boost your team's efficiency and accelerate development cycles with the ability to execute commits and promotions concurrently. Conquer merge conflicts effortlessly with user story bundles and take control of your pipeline's environments and ensure operational continuity with snapshots

  2. Copado CI/CD: See how Copado addresses common issues with Metadata Intelligence — a powerful layer within our DevOps product. Metadata Intelligence simplifies development, increases Salesforce release success and eases the delivery lifecycle.

  3. Robotic Testing: Learn about our new testing library, QImage, that allows users to compare images and highlight differences.

Are you ready to transform your software development process? Explore Copado Platform.