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Copado User Toolkit Episode 4 Quality + Testing Superpowers

“The total cost of poor software quality in the US is estimated at $2.08 trillion.”

The Golden State Warriors would lose every game if they played blindfolded. Likewise, the most talented developers in the world will churn out line after line of buggy code if they work in silos and lack end-to-end lifecycle visibility.

Here’s the good news — Team Copado has three secret weapons to keep your developers in sync and zap bugs before they grow into expensive defects: Pull Requests, Static Code Analysis and Robotic Testing.

Check out Episode 4 of our User Toolkit: Quality + Testing Superpowers. Salesforce Technical Architect (and Wordle whiz) Inshu Misra will give you an interactive tour of our DevOps Platform and show how to bake end-to-end quality into your development pipeline.

You'll Learn:

  • How to create Pull Requests: Give your team a chance to review changes before merging a branch with the master branch.
  • How to use Static Code Analysis: Automatically monitor code for errors, inefficiencies and bad habits.
  • How to leverage Robotic Testing: Build end-to-end regression tests in minutes with our no-code visual recorder and flow editor.