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Ask Me Anything About DevOps ROI Q&A with Copado's Director of Business Value Management

Join Copado’s Director of Business Value Management Daniel Weisleder for a deep dive on DevOps ROI. This LIVE “Ask Me Anything” session will show you how to measure the value of DevOps.

Time. Precious time. We’re always looking for new ways to save it — from driving to work to cooking dinner to practicing DevOps. 

But when it comes to value, saving time is only the tip of the iceberg…

Welcome to the world of “Value Dan!”

I’m Dan Weisleder, Copado Director of Business Value Management, and I’m on a mission to translate the mysteries of DevOps into real dollars and cents. I’m an ROI Artist, a Metrics Maven, and a Business Buff.  

Join my live “Ask Me Anything” webinar on March 22 for a 30,000 foot view of the value landscape and plenty of actionable takeaways you can share with your team. 

We’ll put output, velocity and quality under the microscope as we explore how developers can do more high-value work (with fewer errors) on a tight schedule. Bring all your questions about ROI and try to stump the buff!