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Copado Robotic Testing Essentials: Affordable Automated Testing for Salesforce

Salesforce makes it easy to quickly deploy low-code applications and to innovate faster than ever. But to maintain quality, you need to test your releases. Small teams particularly have struggled to keep up with manual testing and limited internal resources.

  • 41% of teams don’t have time to test every change before each release.
  • 92% experience production issues due to insufficient testing.
  • 84% still rely at least partially on manual testing.

Companies using manual testing often find that release quality suffers because there is not enough time to test changes before deployments and defects found later in the release cycle are exponentially more expensive to fix.

Copado Robotic Testing Essentials delivers fast, affordable software delivery and automated testing for low-code Salesforce Teams.

In this webinar, we’ll introduce our latest offering, show you a demo of the product, and take questions from attendees.