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What’s on the Copado DevOps Exchange? Automate Code Reviews with Clayton

The Copado DevOps Exchange features 50+ ready-to-install CI/CD and Robotic Testing apps to help you extend the power of Copado and automate your specific tech stack. So what are these solutions? And how do they work? 

In episode two of “What’s on the Copado DevOps Exchange?” with Clayton: AI-Powered Code Reviews for Salesforce Development Teams, we explored Clayton’s automated code review solution on our enterprise marketplace. Clayton Founder Lorenzo Frattini showcased how Clayton blends seamlessly into your Copado developer workflow with accurate findings and the guidance you need to fix every issue quickly.

You'll Learn:

  • What are the Most Common Security and Engineering Mistakes Salesforce Teams Make.

  • How Clayton Stops 1500+ Vulnerabilities Per Day Before They Cause Damage.

  • Why Code Health is Important and How to Future-Proof it at Scale.

  • A Pre-Launch Peek at Clayton’s Top Secret AI Tool (Which Will Make Salesforce Engineering Teams 10X More Productive!)

Leverage 50+ ready-to-install solutions on Copado DevOps Exchange. Explore solutions!