Copado DevOps Raises $140M
in Series C Financing


It’s official — Copado has raised a record-breaking $140 million in Series C funding after three consecutive years of triple-digit growth. 

Our native DevOps platform for Salesforce and SaaS clouds is nearing $1.2 billion in valuation thanks to financing efforts led by Insight Partners and a handful of other key investors:

      • SoftBank Vision Fund 2
      • Declaration Partners
      • DG Ventures
      • Salesforce Ventures
      • ISAI Cap Venture
      • Lead Edge Capital
      • Perpetual Investors
      • IBM Ventures

How Will Copado Use the New Funding?

We can’t wait to leverage our latest round of funding to help the most powerful brands on the planet kickstart innovation and drive digital transformation. 

First and foremost, we’ll expand our end-to-end DevOps solution and AI-enabled test automation (Copado Robotic Testing) across the multi-cloud space. In addition, we’ll use the proceeds to fuel international growth in the Asia-Pacific region to capture the $18 billion DevOps market.

A-word-from-Copado-CEO---Ted Elliott

2021 in Review: A Year of Expansion and Collaboration

Since our $96 million Series B funding announcement in February 2021, Copado has:

      • Acquired two technology companies: New Context (Multi-Cloud DevSecOps) and Qentinel (Robotic Software Testing).
      • Added Campbell’s, Standard Bank and TalkTalk Group to our roster of 1,100+ enterprise customers. 
      • Grew global employee base to 500+ team members across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. 
      • More than doubled annual recurring revenue and tripled the number of new seven-figure client engagements. 
      • Collaborated with IBM and Veeva on industry-specific DevOps solutions for Salesforce customers. 
      • Commissioned Forrester Consulting to study the Total Economic Impact of Copado.
      • Released Summer 21 platform — the first and only true multi-cloud DevOps platform for enterprise SaaS and low-code development.
      • Published 2021 State of Salesforce DevOps report: We surveyed global 230+ Salesforce customers that leverage DevOps across their software lifecycle.
      • Partnered with CloudFulcrum to launch Copado as a Service.

What’s Next for Copado?

More funding. More growth. Same mission — to power the next generation of cross-cloud digital transformation. Our platform empowers global enterprises to accelerate their multi-cloud development lifecycle without the fear of failed deployments or buggy software. 

With this round of financing behind us, our team of DevOps experts are laser-focused on helping our customers achieve:

      • 20x shorter lead times
      • 10x faster recovery times
      • 4x reduction in change fail rate
      • 307% in Salesforce and SaaS ROI
      • $4.5 million in net value

“Today, our customers are asking us to replicate their Salesforce success on other SaaS platforms. This customer-driven innovation is fueling our growth and multi-cloud expansion strategy. We are excited to find ourselves only at the beginning of this extraordinary journey.”

Philipp Rackwitz

Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Copado

Meet the Founders

In 2013, two release engineers managing hundreds of Salesforce deployments across a multitude of different orgs, sandboxes and even countries built the first end-to-end native DevOps platform for Salesforce. Today, Copado is approaching 500 international employees located in 11 different countries. Watch their story.

Federico Larsen - CoFounder of Copado

Federico Larsen

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Philipp Rackwitz - CoFounder of Copado

Philipp Rackwitz

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

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