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Copado Launches Test Copilot to Deliver AI-powered Rapid Test Creation

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Copado Launches Test Copilot to Deliver AI-powered Rapid Test Creation

Powered by CopadoGPT, Test Copilot leverages AI to help customers deliver quality releases at enterprise scale

Chicago April 25, 2024 Copado, the leader in AI-powered DevOps and testing for enterprise SaaS, today announced the general availability of Test Copilot, the AI-powered test creation assistant. Powered by CopadoGPT, Test Copilot is an intuitive way for users of all experience levels to build precise tests for Salesforce with greater efficiency. Coupled with Copado Explorer, it is a powerful way to deliver quality releases at enterprise scale.

A McKinsey study found that developers can complete coding tasks twice as fast with generative AI, which could lead to a significant increase in the amount of code generated, and thus, much more code to test. To keep up, QA will also have to leverage AI to speed up their ability to test and validate code. AI that helps create executable test automation scripts will be extremely valuable for these teams.

“Copado is in the business of giving people their time back,” said Esko Hannula, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Copado. “By eliminating repeated tasks and using AI to automate the test creation process, Copado is helping release teams work faster than ever before while improving release quality. With our AI-powered testing solutions, Copado customers are not only accelerating software testing, but simplifying it.”

Designed for quality assurance (QA) testers and test automation engineers, Copado Test Copilot can significantly accelerate the testing process by automating test creation. With a simple prompt, it can convert existing tests, Selenium tests, or results from Copado Explorer into a reusable, maintainable robotic test. Test Copilot can also create API test cases to supplement user interface (UI) and end-to-end testing processes.

For non-technical users, Test Copilot can take a basic prompt and help users author simple or complex tests from scratch. It can also translate a recorded user session into a functional test script. Existing test scripts that need to be modified can be pasted into the prompt and Test Copilot can modify it based on their requirements. Test Copilot is the easiest and fastest way for those not familiar with automation to get started with Salesforce testing.

“Copado Test Copilot has enabled our team to be able to deliver automated test scripts faster than we could have ever imagined,” said Keith Lee, Platform Technical Manager at Ascension. “A team that was manually writing test cases in Jira for functional testing can now copy and paste those directly into Copado Test Copilot and receive a ready-to-go automated script. The best part is it also provides a detailed explanation on how and why it wrote it so that the user can also learn.”

Last month, Copado introduced Copado Explorer, a groundbreaking approach for automating testing in Salesforce environments. With full integration into the Copado DevOps platform, Copado Explorer provides Salesforce developers with the visibility and traceability needed to identify, document and resolve issues faster. Test Copilot is a critical feature of Copado’s Robotic Testing solution that enables AI-powered test creation.

Test Copilot is a milestone in the company’s goal to transform DevOps and testing on Salesforce with AI-driven innovation. Copado will be showcasing Test Copilot, Copado Explorer and the rest of its award-winning DevOps and Testing solutions in booth 101 at Salesforce World Tour New York on April 25.

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