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Copado for MuleSoft: 7 Powerful Pipeline Features


MuleSoft is the #1 data management platform on the marketplace — but it can be tricky to scale.

Salesforce transformations are full of shifting systems and moving parts — and MuleSoft is the glue that keeps everything connected and moving in the same direction. As the switchboard that connects Salesforce to enterprise systems, MuleSoft breaks down data and process barriers to create a single source of truth that unlocks customer insights and empowers teams

But over time, as Salesforce teams run parallel development projects, they need to build and maintain MuleSoft connectors to dozens (or even hundreds) of APIs and integrations. Traditional release management processes are buckling under the strain — leading to out-of-sync pipelines and deployment bottlenecks. Teams struggle to keep their MuleSoft and Salesforce releases in lockstep and ultimately they fail to capture the full potential of their Salesforce and MuleSoft platforms.

At Copado, we knew there had to be a better way. So we built it.

Introducing Copado for MuleSoft

We’re excited to announce that the #1 DevOps platform for Salesforce is now the #1 DevOps platform for MuleSoft. Copado for MuleSoft leverages our low-code DevOps capabilities to simplify, scale and accelerate MuleSoft delivery. It’s your one-stop shop for both MuleSoft and Salesforce pipeline management — where everything flows seamlessly together.

Copado for MuleSoft is full of powerful pipeline capabilities:

  1. End-to-End Visibility and Version Control: Generate a user story flowchart and deploy between production environments with a single click.

  2. MuleSoft and Salesforce Pipeline Sync: Capture dependencies between MuleSoft and Salesforce stories and bundle related changes for deployment.

  3. Overlap Awareness and Real-Time Alerts: Pinpoint potential integration issues and auto-resolve merge conflicts. productivity and avoid integration issues.

  4. Automated MuleSoft Delivery: Automate deployments, sync metadata and leverage Git-based version control.

  5. Quality Gates Across User Stories: Check code quality at each stage of the pipeline with controls that can be configured for different levels of user story complexity and risk.

  6. Seamless Migration with Existing Toolset: Copado for MuleSoft features out-of-the-box support for MuleSoft MUnit testing and a comprehensive integration framework that allows you to incorporate virtually any tool into your pipelines.

  7. MuleSoft KPIs and Metrics: Perfect your MuleSoft pipeline performance and unlock true CI/CD with key performance indicators and metrics across planning, build, test and deployment.