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How Agile Test Automation Helps You Develop Better and Faster

Consider agile test automation


Agile is a well-known software development methodology that takes an incremental and iterative approach to develop new software and meet fast-changing customer demands. Agile requires the support of automated testing rather than traditional testing methods, which can't keep up with faster development speeds.

This blog will explain how automated testing and Copado Robotic Testing can fit into an Agile development strategy to produce high-quality, bug-free software. We'll also explain why automation and Agile go hand-in-hand because automated testing is what makes continuous testing to support the speed of Agile development possible.

Agile Software Development and Automated Testing

Agile is an incremental and iterative software development process. With Agile, a software project is delivered piecemeal instead of as a single, massive final product. Software development is divided into manageable, repeatable steps. These repeatable processes, called iterations, are completed quickly (around 1-2 weeks). 

With Agile, software developers can respond rapidly to customer demands and deliver new products and features faster. However, accelerated software development introduces the need for faster software testing. To deliver the high-quality software customers want, it must be completely functional and free of bugs. 

The Agile approach cannot be supported by traditional testing methods that rely on time-consuming, and error-prone manual testing. Automated testing is required to complete testing within shorter time frames and ensure comprehensive test coverage.

The Benefits of Agile Test Automation 

Agile heavily relies on testing throughout the process. Delegating all repetitive test cases to automation is necessary to save time and free up human resources. In Agile, automated testing is superior to traditional testing methods in several ways.

In addition to speeding up product development, automation testing in Agile methodology helps:

  • Reduce testing time: Testing teams are relieved of the burdens of excessive manual testing and can concentrate on tasks that require human oversight by assigning all repetitive test cases to automation.
  • Continuous testing: Agile and DevOps both call for continuous testing. All new code, as well as code from previous iterations, must be tested. Automated testing expedites the process and ensures the functionality of the code.
  • Improve code quality: Agile test automation allows faster detection of code quality issues and faster resolution of problems before they become significant production issues.
  • Expand test coverage: Running multiple tests continuously allows you to dramatically increase code coverage and complete testing in significantly less time.

Agile and Copado Robotic Testing

Copado Robotic Testing will allow your testing teams to design and execute automated testing quickly. No matter how much testing you need or when you need it, you can execute an infinite number of test suites to run continuously.

Copado leverages AI and data to determine the most influential predictors of software quality, providing users the ability to measure, analyze and predict functionality. It can help you figure out what’s hampering your process and take the necessary steps to increase efficiency. 

The following are a few advantages of Copado Robotic Testing:

  • Simple text case conversion allows users to pinpoint manual workflows and easily translate them into automated test steps.
  • Quickly implement and execute text-based tests. Our low-code architecture enables people with little or no coding experience to easily maintain their web-based applications.
  • Instantly run thousands of automated tests, increasing test coverage.
  • Test complex integrations and custom applications across multiple platforms and browsers.
  • Minimal maintenance with AI-driven test automation with self-healing capabilities can identify and fix broken tests.
  • Test across different apps, interfaces, and systems — even mobile!

Let Copado Be Your Automated Testing Solution!

The Agile methodology is known for producing higher quality software more quickly. However, the requirement for faster testing arises from the need for faster software development phases.
Supporting continuous testing in an Agile environment will require using an automated testing solution. 

Copado Robotic Testing is entirely cloud-based, meaning you do not need to invest in hardware and maintain it. The capacity for running limitless tests won't ever run out. With Copado, your testing teams can create their first automated test case quickly and easily. Our robots can tackle procurement, deployment, and maintenance — freeing up your team to focus back on innovation and customer satisfaction!

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about Agile test automation and how Copado can improve your existing testing processes!